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Charlotte Bobcats starting process to get Hornets name back

05/18/2013 at 8:30 am By

Charlotte Hornets

In an April press conference in Charlotte, NBA Commissioner in-waiting Adam Silver told season ticket holders for the Charlotte Bobcats that the Hornets nickname was owned by the league and not the New Orleans franchise and that a process for a name change would take 18 months to happen.

Apparently that 18-month process begins now.

According to CBS Sports’ Will Brinson, the process has been started so that the NBA franchise in Charlotte will once again be nicknamed the Hornets.

The move comes after several campaigns in the state of North Carolina like Bring Back the Buzz were started to try and rally support to get the Hornets name back. Over the past year, Charlotte’s front office has polled season ticket holders to see if they would be in support of a name change.

The original Hornets franchise moved to New Orleans in 2002 and the Bobcats became an expansion team in 2004. Since the inception of the Bobcats, success hasn’t been common as the team has made the playoffs just once in the brief history of the franchise.

Though it won’t change the talent disparity that the Bobcats have been dealing with, there’s no denying that the franchise could use an image makeover.

H/T to Eye on Basketball.

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  1. Roosevelt Simpkins

    on 05/18/2013 - Reply

    Welcome back! Charlotte Hornets!

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