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Video: Sacramento Kings fans stay well after game ends, chant in support of city keeping team

04/18/2013 at 4:28 am By

Sacramento Kings fans

Uncertainty has been the theme for the Sacramento Kings over the waning months of the NBA regular season. Will they be in Sacramento or Seattle next season? Will they be the Kings or the Sonics? The melodrama has been high and frequent.

The Maloofs, the current owners of the Kings, are definitely selling the franchise, but the bidding between Sacramento and Seattle buyers has been the fuel to the fire of that.

The city of Sacramento has made it clear that they want to keep their basketball team. After the Kings lost to the Clippers, thousands of fans remained in the bleachers, showing support for their team and chanting in support of the team staying:

Though it’s still undecided what will happen with this franchise in the future, it is abundantly clear that the fans in Sacramento are willing to fight for their team.

Local Sacramento news reporter Sam Shane said it best with this tweet:

We shall see if Kings fans are appeased or are devastated in the coming months.

H/T to Dan Woike.

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