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Brittney Griner responds to Mark Cuban, says she can hang with NBA players

04/03/2013 at 12:39 pm By

brittney grinerThe internet has been buzzing for the last 24 afters since outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he would be willing to take Brittney Griner in the second round of the NBA draft. Here are his comments:

“If she is the best on the board, I will take her,” Cuban said before the Mavs’ Tuesday night game against the Los Angeles Lakers. “I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about it already. Would I do it? Right now, I’d lean toward yes, just to see if she can do it. You never know unless you give somebody a chance, and it’s not like the likelihood of any late-50s draft pick has a good chance of making it.”

Well, alright. Cuban is a master at marketing and utilizing the media for publicity, so him saying he would take Griner is no shock. Wednesday, Griner sent Cuban a tweet in response to his statements:



While Griner was an exceptional player in women’s college basketball and most likely be just as great as a professional, there’s little belief that she would be equally as successful against professional men players. But that isn’t the point.

The point is, Griner has nothing to lose by trying and would only benefit herself by doing so. If Cuban would indeed draft her, he’s bringing more positive publicity to his franchise. It’s a win for both sides. Griner should at least test the process.


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62 Comments so far

  1. Don Sam

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    If she does make it, will she get her own locker room and shower? Or will she be getting an eye full at every game lol.

    • Johnathana

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

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    • Sam

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      That’s not a chick. So he (Cuban) won’t have to make any changes or special arrangements for brit to play.

      • CMS

        on 04/04/2013 - Reply

        I agree that she couldn’t play with the men but you don’t have to be a d-bag about it.

  2. Jerseysmelltours

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    In today’s NBA it’s worth a throw away draft pick. Ms Griner deserves a little respect, but as a real player or an option in the roster, forget it! The day in day out physical pounding that these guys take is unbelievable. Mr Griner would be on the receiving end of a lot of unnecessary physical abuse just to see if she can take it! When it got down to crunch-time she would be just one of “the boys” devil may care smash you in the mouth stuff…that’s a lot to expect from a young women….Stay in the WNBA make a name for yourself help the league flourish, that would be a better role and more realistic for her abilities..Just sayin’!!!

    • mshick

      on 04/03/2013 - Reply

      I totally agree with your logic. While it is interesting to talk about the truth is she should respect her own sport and league and give back a little persay.

  3. Chuck

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    Mr. Cuban is a very smart man, and he wants nothing more than to see the Mavericks excell…What better way than to bring this outstanding Baskettball player on board, She has exceptional talent, and not only that, would enhance the continued sell out and publicity for our Mavericks. Its a two for one, a no brainer.

    • Richiev

      on 04/03/2013 - Reply

      Owners shouldn’t decide who the team drafts. It should be up to the coach and GM after extensive scouting. I guess Mark Cuban wants to be another Jerry Jones.


      on 04/04/2013 - Reply


    • CMS

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      Cuban wants people to come to his games. Nothing more or less.

  4. Mt Moxie

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    She is a great woman player. However she wouldn’t start in the Mc Donald’s Boys All American game.

  5. Larry

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    She is one of many of 6’8 players in the NBA who are stronger, faster and job higher. She wouldn’t have a chance

    • DallasNE

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      Sounds like the next Larry Bird if she can hit 3’s.

      • Mike

        on 04/17/2013 - Reply

        Except for the fact that she can’t shoot more than 4 feet away from the basket

  6. Scott

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    Everyone who has replied is correct except Chuck, his first sentence is right but the rest is fictitious and a farce. She is probably one of the best women players I’ve ever seen but MT Moxie is on the money. She couldn’t hang with high school guys, college guys and Chuck thinks she can play pro. Chuck you need to watch more mens games you will see the two points made of 6’8″ men players “stronger,faster and jump a lot higher” and the point made that the everyday grind of the pros would eat her up. There is no way she is capable of playing in the NBA. You’re correct about Cuban being smart, believe me it isn’t even a thought in his mind to draft her. Peace out Gents!!

  7. Jim Ray

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    1. She couldn’t even hand with Rutgers.
    2. Play with a real ball.
    3. Try the D-League first.

  8. Runshyt

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    I dare Mark Cuban to not only draft her but guarantee her 15 minutes per game…EVERY GAME!!!

    Then we’ll see about this “she can play in the NBA” crap. Is he willing to put the welfare of his franchise and its hopes of making the playoffs on the line? Lets see it. Let her try to guard LeBron, D-Howard, KD, and Kobe…

    Women cannot play with men. The Tennessee Vols women might beat a very average boys high school team – and that’s only sometimes – but no way could they do it consistently. And you can put the best women’s player on any college team against a male intramural player, and she would lose at least three out of five. Men are too quick, too strong and too agile, and our bodies can take and dish out poundings that female bodies just arent equipped to dish out or absorb. It’s like putting a female boxer in the ring with a male boxer, the female is going to lose 999 times out of 1,000.

    Mark Cuban needs to shut up.

    • Chasity Richter

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      How about you pull your head out of where the sun don’t shine? How dare you say a woman can’t play as well as a man! You are nothing more than a male chauvinist pig! Seriously, what rock did you just crawl out from under? Just because she is a woman doesn’t mean she can’t play with the men! The next thing you know, you’ll be posting women shouldn’t even play sports or that we should just go back to the kitchen. Woman can play as well as men. I’m not saying every woman has the ability to do so but she deserves the chance to prove how good she is. So why don’t you just crawl right back under your rock until you realize us little women can do everything you big, strong men can but most of the time we do it better!

      • Chasity Richter is a full blown Dyke that wished she had a penis

        on 04/04/2013 - Reply



          on 04/04/2013 - Reply

          Outstanding…Calling it like it is has become a lost art in the liberal USSA. If this offends anyone then GFY…

      • TNB

        on 04/04/2013 - Reply

        You’re delusional! You went from one extreme to another. Everyone agrees that this young lady is an excellent player, but she can’t compete on a pro level with men. Get out of your feelings for a moment and compare physical strength, ability, etc. I disagree, women cannot do everything a man can do, some things are physically impossible. For some reason, women only feel equal to men when they’re challenging them. You’re equal as a living, breathing human being. Both genders are equally important, just in different ways. Would it be fair if the WNBA drafted a male player? Why not, give him a chance right? If a male is more comfortable playing with females, then why not? We all know why, he would have an unfair advantage because men are naturally stronger!!!! The NBA shouldn’t put these players in an awkward situation. They want to win, but they don’t want play aggressive defense or injure a female. I can hear it now, “oh he didn’t have to do her like that!” As a woman, i think women should be more realistic! No matter how skilled you are, going up against some the best males in basketball is tough for male rookies. It will be twice as hard for a female.

        • navyvet68

          on 04/06/2013 - Reply

          I agree, she may be the top woman player, but there is no comparing women against a man in basketball, its faster, more physical then women’s ball, different size ball, she should go where she can be the best, to the wnba, Cuban is just trying to bring notice to him and his team.

      • Scott

        on 04/04/2013 - Reply

        Sorry Chasity, but not only can Griner not play and compete in the NBA but she couldn’t compete in a Junior College game. It’s not a insult to her but she’s too slow and weak to compete against men.
        She’s need get her college degree and play in the WNBA as long as she’s able. She doesn’t need to go get embarrassed by the big boys !

      • Chasity should be a troll if she isn't one already

        on 04/05/2013 - Reply

        I guess I would rather live under a rock than live with my head so far in the clouds I get nose bleeds. At least I know I’m still on the planet. You are so far gone, you need a galactic map to find your way back to Earth. For you to think that she could outplay the best men on the planet is simple, at best. The simple fact that the male body has roughly 30% more muscle mass should be your first clue.

        I say let her play, so we can finally get some hard data on how awful the WNBA is. If she’s supposed to be the best female by far, this should end any more silly debate.

  9. Runshyt

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    Could she even play with the men’s practice squad at Baylor? You know, the guys who only suit up gor home games and never see minutes unless they are killing some team. No!!!! Why the nonsense? As good as she is for a girl, she wouldn’t even make the McDonald’s All-America boys team. You’re talking about putting her on the floor with the likes of Dwight Howard, LeBron James and Carmello Anthony!!! Is Mark Cuban crazy? Women will never be able to play with men. As they get better athletically, so do we.

  10. lovesdembeckarinos

    on 04/03/2013 - Reply

    No offense to the gay and lesbian community but simply adapting to the male gender dos not a man make. Its PC to talk of gender equality but in some cases outright lunacy. To think that the lack of breast tissue, big feet and superior skills against women makes one viable in the NBA is stupid. Michael Phelps is a superior swimmer against other humans but would get dusted by a 6 inch trout let alone a dolphin. Men would suck at delivering a baby versus a woman. Brittany would not be able to stand up to a Dwight Howard or Pau Gasol coming down off the board with an elbow.

  11. Richard

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    She could absolutely hang with them, but she couldn’t play with them.

  12. Runshyt

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    The first time 5’8 Nate Robinson slams it right down her Adams Apple with authority she’ll get the message. She’ll get it the first time ‘Mello bumps her with his ass and she goes flying into the crowd head-first. She will certainly get it when, after 30 games she is physically worn out and wishing the season is over and she has only averaged 5 minutes per game. These women who think they can compete with men are nuts. Maybe they can compete in certain sports, like skiing or golf, but not when they have to match body to body in sports like football, hoops or boxing. NEVER!

  13. Bryan

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Are you guys kidding me?! You act like the NBA is some physical sport. I find it very hard to believe that she couldn’t keep up and play. NBA is probably the most pansy professional sport.

    • Dmitri

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      She couldn’t play the physical game that Louisville threw at her in the loss so what the hell makes you think she could play the physical game of the NBA?

    • jshahmiran

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      lol i agree with you basket ball is such a girls sport she would fit right in. he touched my hand oh god that is a foul. it is such a pansy sport. almost as bad as soccer.

    • E.

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      Clearly you need to watch more NBA games. While I agree there is flopping and ticky-tack fouls called, the NBA is a brutally physical game. She would get bounced off the court by mid-level high school boys much less NBA players. I love all sports but NBA athletes are top-to-bottom the best of any sport in the world.

      • MR OBVIOUS

        on 04/04/2013 - Reply

        E you could not be more wrong!

        have you watched the NHL…..for god sakes, long distance runners are better athletes then nba players… most stand around for over 80% of the time they are on the court, because WE ALL KNOW THEY LIKE TO STAND AROUND AND WATCH THE GUY who gets the inbounds pass cause he is gonna shoot. what a pathetic post E

    • a bean

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      what a douche bag you are bryan… or should i call you brenda…

    • Mike

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      That’s the silliest post I’ve seen all day. It’s a very physical sport – and we don’t mean the way football is with people tackling each other and whatnot. But the athleticism it requires is off the charts. NBA Players are some of the best athletes in the world. She doesn’t just lack the quickness, explosiveness, jumping ability, etc. by a little bit. She is profoundly lacking compared to an NBA player. Men are just different. The fastest ever time by a woman in the 100meters is 10.49s. There are literally nearly 10,000 men who have run the 100m faster than that in the Olympics. And you think the best woman bball player could compete with the top 400 male bball players in the world when the fastest woman in the world can’t compete with the top 10,000 fastest men?

  14. Cash

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    WHAT A JOKE! JOKE, JOKE, JOKE! Cuban just shooting off his mouth! And for her to think she could ask Michelle Wie how the Masters invite is going for her!

  15. Jane Smith

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    This isn’t going to happen. Mark Cuban is a brilliant businessman who sees an opportunity to create a buzz and possibly make some money from it. He’s got a net worth of $2.3 billion and he didn’t become the success he is today by missing an opportunity like this. No need to hate on Britney Griner. This whole thing makes her a household name even if it’s for a short while. She can dream and whatever happened to encouraging someone to shoot for the sky? Why are people acting angry because she thinks she could hang with the big boys in the NBA? Let it play out and stop attacking her.


      on 04/04/2013 - Reply


  16. Mike O

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    No way this lady can play in NBA….she plays against a bunch of women who can’t
    jump where as in NBA all guys sky……wonder how that hand check on her A$$ will
    be called.

  17. DaveY

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    What a funny idea. See the tall skinny chick throw an elbow at a 6’10” 280lb power forward. See 6’10” power forward throw an elbow back. See skinny chick fly into stands and spill kids popcorn. It would be safer for her to join the cast of Jackass.

  18. Dmitri

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Britney, you won ONE title in college. You couldn’t handle the physicality from a little Louisville girl when she got up in your grill, what the hell makes you think you can handle the NBA?

  19. Drew

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Brian Griner could play in the NBA, it has played as a real life movie character Juwann Mann for 4 years so whats the difference…

  20. Kenny

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    I don’t want to bad-mouth Brittany Griner’s accomplishments as a player, but she has zero chance of making an impact in the mens pro game.Personally I have played pick-up ball with an unnamed woman’s player who played for the U.S.Olympic team.The game consisted of guys who all played either D3 & D2 college basketball. Fundamentally she could compete by moving without the ball, hitting a wide open shot, or making decent passes, but defensively she was toast. The difference in speed, strength, quickness, explosiveness was striking. She was also completely unable to get her own shot. The same would go for Brittany Griner

  21. Darryn

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Griner is an EXTRAORDINARY player… but let’s not be ridiculous. At 6’8″, comparable players her size in the NBA are Carmelo Anthony, Paul Pierce and LeBron James.

    There’s no shame in being the best female basketball player on earth. Is that not enough? Mark Cuban is being PT Barnum on this one.

    • Buck Wylde

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      Your PT Barnum comparison is dead on point; and to be honest you were truly very kind in your post. As one who watches the women’s pro & college games, the truth is that Brittany would have to work very hard in order to earn the title of ” . . . best female basketball player on earth.” From what I saw this season she wasn’t the BEST player in the NCAA.
      In the WNBA she won’t be the best player in the league–just the tallest.

  22. Count Flatula

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    I like how Cuban throws out the disclaimer of ‘if she is the best on the board, I would take her.’ The only way she would be the best on the board is if the NBA went to a 100th round of the draft.

    There is no way she has the strength or quickness to even play with Div-3 college players, much less the NBA players. The only men’s pro teams that would sign her would be the Globetrotters or the Washington Generals.

    Put her up against even a Brian Scalabrine in a ‘scallenge’ and she wouldn’t score a point.

    Cuban only said this because he wanted to get people to talk about the Mavs when they are a non-playoff team.

  23. Allo

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    I tell you she got balls. Her heart is in the right place, but she can’t be serious about this. If she is I would like to see her try. Not taking anything from her, but she’s way too slow for the nba. And too light in the ass. It’s great for her to try, but when it comes to competing against a man no matter how big or small you got to be a man. That statement is more than what it reads. Real men don’t take kind too trying to be a man. My son is trying to be a man, wants to compete as a man, but he is not a man. and i wouldn’t put him in that situation until hes ready to be a man. and that means dealing with all the things men have to deal with especially failure when the deck is stacked against you. You either is or you’re not. Weakness is not tolerated. The weak will be singled out. Lions roar and are fearless, it comes down to inner strength in the end. And last time I checked the NBA wasn’t in the business of delivering babies.

  24. Jhast63

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Hang yes, play NO! she had 10 points and 14 boards against Louisville in a loss. Griner is all height. If she was 6.0′ and had the same skills, it would be Griner who?

  25. sleepy rooster

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    she might be able to keep up smoking blunts, but she could not hold an nba ball boy’s jock!

    as far as lockeroom… dude would blend right in

  26. Doc. Smith

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    He or a she cannot hang with the NBA…..

  27. Mike

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Why in the world do you say she has nothing to lose by trying? She has everything to lose. It would do no good at all for women’s basketball, or for her reputation. She obviously would not be able to compete. The idea that she stands even a small chance is completely ludicrous to anyone who really understands the level of NBA play and just how far it is from women’s bball.

    Why would this hurt her/women’s bball? Because it would expose, in a highly publicized way, just how inferior WNBA players are from NBA players, which could only hurt the sport. If she doesn’t try out, at least some people can go on believing that she might have made it if she tried. The WNBA would not be diminished on a grand scale if she didn’t try out. How can you not see how embarrassing it would be for not only the WNBA, but women’s sports in general, if the best woman’s player in the world tries out for the NBA and falls hopelessly short, which she inevitably would? It would only hurt her reputation, and diminish the WNBA in the process by exposing just how far it is from the NBA.

  28. SalesAutopsy

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Think about this – she’s a CENTER at 6’8″ and has those skills. She has ZERO ability to play against an NBA center. Could she get a shot off against 7’? Could she defend 7’?

    Okay, so let’s match her up size-wise. Put her against an NBA 3 or 4? EVEN MORE HUMILIATING.

    She has NO SKILLS that will help her play at this level, or at D-League or against NCAA men.

  29. Good Try

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    I know she thinks she can hang, but there is no way physically she can. I have watch some of her games and, sorry –But she is not athletically gifted enough to hang with NBA players.

    She is gifted at her level and with the athletes she competes against. She needs to complete here eductaion and I hope that she sees that.

    There are somethings women and men do better at and some that they do not. The limitations are just too glaring when it comes to certain sports. This is not to take away from any female athlete.

    My hope woudl be that she finishes her eductaion and absolutely enter the WNBA.

  30. John

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Besides, I think I’d pick Elana Delle Donne over her.

    • Ray Ray

      on 04/04/2013 - Reply

      Dead on. Certainly not able to compete in the NBA, but Delle Donne’s skillset is a better match than Griner’s.

  31. Leroy Corso

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    She should go to an NFL combine and try out for kicker.


    on 04/04/2013 - Reply


  33. Efab209

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    Calm down folks…. yall know it would never happen but the fact that it was mentiond is “KUDOS” to the young lady….

  34. Tony W

    on 04/04/2013 - Reply

    I think she can hold her own a little…she doesn’t have the upper body strength to battle in a post-up situations, but she can make outside shots…my God she is tall enough….

  35. kdpow

    on 04/05/2013 - Reply

    I think he knows what many of us have suspected for a while. Not sure “she” needs separate locker folks. Listen to voice. ?????????????????????

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