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Video: Kobe hits three clutch threes in final two minutes of regulation, game-winning dunk in OT

03/09/2013 at 7:54 am By

Kobe threes

The Black Mamba or Vino or just Kobe, whatever you call him, has always shined when the game is on the line. Friday night against the Toronto Raptors was no different.

After trailing for most of the second half, Kobe decided to take over the game when the clock went under two minutes, draining these three shots from long-range and adding the game-winner later for good measure:


If those were like spot-up Steve Novak style threes where he’s wide open, that’d be one thing. But every one of those shots was contested and at least semi-off-balance. The fact that Kobe knocked down all three is unreal. And then, of course, he had to seal it with authority in overtime.

The 34-year-old version of Kobe keeps giving us glimpses of the Kobe in his 20s. We need to appreciate how incredible some of the things he’s still doing are while he’s still doing them.

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