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Sock company has odd collection of NBA Legend themed socks

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As far as fashion goes these days, your socks can make just as much of a statement as a shirt, pants and shoes can—just ask Robert Griffin III, one of the pioneers in mainstream sock-fashion.

Based in San Clemente, California, STANCE socks has taken the sock-game to an entirely new level.

In their NBA collection of socks, they have nine pairs that, I feel comfortable in saying, have never been seen before. Forget just team logos (they do have some of those, as well) and forget just having the Nike Swoosh printed on the socks; these nine pairs of socks have images of NBA Legends playing printed on them.

Bill Walton, Dennis Rodman, Hakeem Olajuwon, James Worthy, Julius Irving, Kenny Smith, Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing all have their own pairs while the ninth pair features John Stockton on one sock and Karl Malone on the other. The socks are selling for $16 per pair. I’m not sure how you put a price on something like this.

I can’t decide whether these are the worst or the coolest things that I’ve ever seen. What I do know is that Bill Walton’s picture on the socks will probably scare away any small children trying to cling to your leg.

To see all of the socks, check out the gallery below.

H/T to J.E. Skeets.


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