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Dennis Rodman kicked out of bar for Kim Jong Un talk

03/05/2013 at 9:09 am By

dennis rodmanFormer resident NBA wildcard Dennis Rodman visited North Korea recently and came back with a very pleasant opinion of dictator Kim Jong Un. Apparently Rodman’s support of Jong Un went a tad too far Monday night, as he was reportedly thrown out of a NY Hotel and bar because of it. Here are details from the NY Post:

Rodman, just back from visiting Kim Jong Un, was escorted out of the Time Hotel in Midtown on Sunday after spending hours at the restaurant bar loudly telling anyone who would listen what a great guy the North Korean dictator is.

“He was at the bar at Serafina for three hours,” says a spy. “He kept saying what a nice guy Kim is, and how Kim just wants to talk to President Obama about basketball. He was waving around a signed copy of the dictator’s huge manifesto, telling everyone they should read it.”

Added the witness, “Dennis was making a total jerk of himself. He wouldn’t leave, and he wouldn’t let anyone talk to him about shutting up, or what an oppressive country North Korea is. Eventually he had to leave the bar because the bartender was starting to get [bleep]ed-off.”

Rodman’s representatives are saying that the Hall of Famer switched hotels to be closer to the airport. Sure he was. but Given Rodman’s history with drugs and alcohol and being a weirdo, none of this comes as a surprise.

Freedom of speech is one thing, but antagonizing fellow patrons at a private establishment is another. Might be time for Rodman to experience another intervention.


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8 Comments so far

  1. paul

    on 03/05/2013 - Reply

    I’ve seen plenty of people mouthing off in bars, and I’ve never seen anyone thrown out for it.

    • Scott

      on 03/06/2013 - Reply

      Well Paul apparently this particular bartender understands history and the human atrocities perpetrated by Rodmans new best friend,Maybe since Dennis is so excited about North Korea he should consider moving there while renouncing his citizenship,This is just one example of what happens when textbooks get altered and kids arent taught what really happens and happened in the world,That jackass and his goofy ass daddy killed tens of thousands of their “own” people,Yeah he is a swell guy,Give him a call cuz he likes basketball! I am just a little bit curious as to why any media outlets whatsoever give Dennis the time of day considering the message!

  2. Dumass

    on 03/05/2013 - Reply

    Rodman. You are a true fucktard. Starving people who accept you led by an ultra-violent leader? Fuck you.


    on 03/05/2013 - Reply

    What an absolute tool Rodman is, he doenst even realize how he just got used by North Korea, which is probably the most oppressive states in the world. Does he have any idea the massive amount of human rights violatiosn that goes on there?

  4. Carol

    on 03/06/2013 - Reply

    While it’s true North Korea is a mess, I don’t see what’s wrong with The President talking to Kim Jung Un. How else can things change if you don’t? You have to start somewhere. To me it looks like the North Korean Leader is extending his hand to have a conversation which I think is great. Yes, terrible human rights violations, but that can change. Communication is the key. Rodman is not weird nor strange. I give him a lot of credit for going over there. And it looks like he was treated well.

    • Kim Jung Un

      on 03/06/2013 - Reply

      I think Carol is right. Communication is the key. I was just thinking “hey, maybe it wasn’t right to kill, starve and rape all those thousands of people for the last 50 years. Oh it wasn’t right to send those Olympic losers to the concentration camps?? Oopsy! What should I do? I need to talk about this with somebody. Call up the White House? Nooo, too easy, I will send a message through that diplomat Dennis Rodman- much better idea. Yes, I then just need Obama to explain the error of my ways and then I am open to change. Yes, I just need someone to talk to. I am glad that Carol understands me”

  5. JSM

    on 03/06/2013 - Reply

    Wow Carol, you must be Rodman in drag with that attitude…

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