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Video: Ricky Rubio appears in PSA regarding sudden cardiac arrest in athletes

02/14/2013 at 10:20 pm By

Ricky Rubio Caridac Arrest PSAMinnesota Timberwolves guard and Spanish-import Ricky Rubio has developed a growing fan-base in the United States with his nifty ball-handling and passing.

That’s why the Medtronic Foundation teamed up with Rubio for him to form this Public Service Announcement to help inform people about Sudden Cardiac Arrest in young athletes:

The PSA was made as part of the Foundation’s HeartRescue Project.

According to Medtronic’s website, a young athlete dies every three days from SCA in the United States and 385,000 total Americans die from SCA.

Competitive athletes are three times more likely to suffer SCA than anyone else, though.

So hats off to Rubio for aiding Medtronic in their plight. And maybe after seeing the PSA, if you see someone having Sudden Cardiac Arrest, you can help revive their heart—or corazon as Rubio would call it.

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