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Video: Jay Pharoah portrays Stephen A. Smith on Saturday Night Live; analyzes Lakers’ problems

02/17/2013 at 10:25 am By



Jay Pharoah’s appearances on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update sketch as ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith are quickly approaching must-watch status if you’re a sports fan.

During the 2012 NBA playoffs “Smith” stopped by to discuss the Miami Heat. The real Stephen A. Smith got a kick out of it and Pharoah was a guest on ESPN’s First Take not too long after. Later in the year Pharoah was back for more as he once again portrayed Smith and also added a well done impersonation of Michael Strahan.

With the Los Angeles Lakers having a worse-than-expected 25-29 record at the NBA’s All-Star break Stephen A. Smith stopped by SNL’s Weekend Update desk to analyze the team’s problems. The result, as expected, was pure comedy.

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