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Video: Blake Griffin sneakily taps Chandler Parsons below the belt

02/07/2013 at 2:26 pm By

Blake Griffin Chandler Parsons

Blake Griffin has made a name for himself outside of basketball by utilizing his dry sense of humor in various commercials and public appearances.

However, he tried to bring a little high school-style humor to the court on Jan. 15 against the Houston Rockets during the post-game hand-shakes.

Chandler Parsons tweeted out this video entitled “The Silent Assassin:”


Parsons only commentary on the video from the tweet was simply, “Seriously dude?”

So much about this video his comedic.

The title is great. The description is, “Hand Down, Man Down,” which is hilarious. The best part, though, is that Griffin keeps walking like nothing happened.

I doubt Parsons appreciated the gesture at the time, but he seems to think it’s funny now. Well done, Blake.


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