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LeBron James tweets about comparisons between Michael Jordan and himself

02/13/2013 at 4:38 am By

Michael Jordan LeBron James

Leading up to the Miami Heat’s game on Tuesday night, LeBron James was the hot topic all day.

Talking heads all over the place gawked over LeBron’s streak of games with 30+ points and 60 percent shooting, a streak that he stretched to an NBA-record six games against Portland last night.

However, in the world of ESPN’s First Take where everything in sports has to be a debate, the comparisons between Michael Jordan and James began flooding airwaves of all kinds.

On Twitter, television, podcasts and other avenues, “Who’s better, LeBron or MJ?” was said like a refrain on Tuesday.

Early Wednesday morning though, James took to Twitter to address the ongoing debate.

Simply spoken, but perfectly said from the reigning NBA MVP.

LeBron is 28 years old and still has about half his career to play. Jordan has obviously already finished out his career. Because of that, it’s impossible to compare the two.

When LeBron retires from the league and has a complete body of work, then the debate of who’s better can be brought up. For now, we should take the words of James to heart and just let him be “LJ.”

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18 Comments so far

  1. steve

    on 02/13/2013 - Reply

    Somebody is not telling the truth.He came out of high-school at 19,been in the league 10yrs and he”s only 28?I believe he was at least 21 when he came out of school,and that is why he looks all of 30 yrs.You can tell that he was much older than the kids he played against.They should do a DNA and find out just how old this guy is,because he is already having trouble with his legs,cramps,etc.Plus he is already bow-legged,sign of old age or riding a horse since he was young,and they don”t have horse”s in Ohio and he probably would”nt know one end from the other.

    • mr

      on 02/14/2013 - Reply

      your a moron!

  2. steve

    on 02/13/2013 - Reply

    Why does”nt the media say why he has a high percentage,60% on this scoring streak?The main reason is because 90%of his shots are lay-ups or slam-dunks.Anything past the 10 ft circle,is all a lucky shot.If he was like KING KOBE,who can make them from anywhere on the court at any given time,then I could see bragging on him.But he has”nt got there yet and I think he will be to old before he gets to that point.

    • mr

      on 02/14/2013 - Reply

      lol i cant believe how stupid you sound. kobe hits like 7 to 10 out of 20 to 30 attempts. lol, he ant shit. kobe is too selfish to be a great ball player. lbj is ten times the better player and 1000 times a better man off the court. just shut your mouth cause you sound about as good as the lakers record this year!

  3. Miami

    on 02/14/2013 - Reply

    wow!!!!! well done Mr.

  4. steve

    on 02/14/2013 - Reply

    Say,I won”t call you Mr.,because it sounds like you are like all the other La Queen Jane ass-kisser.If you were”nt so in love with this wannabe you would look at how the refs favor this wannabe whether its on orders from the commish or what.He is the first wannabe that has to pat himself on the back everytime he gets lucky on a 3pointer.He has to keep looking at the tv monitors,like as if saying,Did I really make that shot?This guys ego will be his downfall.They way he plays basketball,he would have done better in football,but he choice not to because they hit back.The only reason he is held on a pedistal,is because the media and people like you think he can walk on water.Look at the stats from last years playoffs and tell me if the refs did”nt help the Heat get their title.

    • LizzieLouisa

      on 03/02/2013 - Reply

      i’ve just come to accept that 9 out of 10 calls will go his way–no matter what..the ref’s are the 6th man for The Heat.

    • Mr>d

      on 03/28/2013 - Reply

      LeBron is a great player but no the greatest. I would put him in the Top 10 of all time though.

  5. Den

    on 02/14/2013 - Reply

    Just want to mention that, Steve, is a complete hater and a dumbass. Steve, your logic is absolute horseshit… Lebron is the real deal and you can’t handle it and you say big ego? BIG EGO? Man… you are so out of place… you probably have been crushed and stomped on all your life in every field of your day… no wonder you can’t deal with people that are confident and know how to present themselves with power… LBJ IS THE KING, AND YOUR JUST ANOTHER HATER STEVE. GO HOME. HAVE AN ICE CREAM, COMPLAIN ABOUT SOME REFS AND SOME EGO SOMEWHERE ELSE LIL GIRL. Hahahahahahaha owned.

  6. Chubbz

    on 02/14/2013 - Reply

    Steve you are an idiot. For one Kobe is old and retiring, you say Mr is riding Lebron, at the same time you are riding Kobe. Kobe and the lakers are not even in playoff contention this year, Lebron and Miami are looking like repeats, all beit not quite at the level of play they achieved last year. Kobe when he passess the ball the lakers win. when he puts up 30+ a game they lose meanwhile the heat keep winning, As far as the refs go you sound like a damn 7 year old kid complaining. Do the refs show bias toward James sure, they show bias toward Kobe as well, its the way the nba works superstars get bias thats they way the nba is. Kobe is old his career is ending, James is just now getting into his prime. Now I am not a fan of LBJ, but like him or hate him the guy is a fantastic ball player either way, as is kobe. To say either is great because they get calls is ridiculous and ignorant.

  7. steve

    on 02/14/2013 - Reply

    Just telling it like it is,about La Queen Jane.When he wins(without help)5 NBA titles,plus MVP trophy,from title game then brag on him.10yrs and 1 title.The way the hairline is disapparing,he will never win more than 2 if lucky,before his legs give out.Maybe he can run for mayor of Cleveland.

    • ackie

      on 05/03/2013 - Reply

      nice job man!
      steve is really a moron..he knows nothing about basket ball..
      go to hell steve!


  8. Christian Society

    on 03/02/2013 - Reply

    Why should any of us be comparing Michael to Lebron? They are two completely different people in two completely different eras. The two have never played against each other and they never will play against each other. There is something that all of you are missing and that is championships are won by a team effort not an individual one. Dr. Mark L Huddlston PsyD, DCC, CFP talks about striving for ones dreams in one of his books. Why should we rain on Lebrons parade. He is living his dreams right now.

  9. Raymond Babcock

    on 03/05/2013 - Reply

    when lebron gets 6 championships we will talk about Mr Bill Russel who haS 11 one for ever finger both thumbs and won to spare jordan was the best in hes era just like russel was the man in hes era lebron uas 1 championship time waits on no man a truly great player will make the whole team better like Larry Bird did

  10. Nookie Wookie

    on 03/14/2013 - Reply

    I am a man, and I want to have Lebrons illegitimate love child

  11. Chris

    on 03/20/2013 - Reply

    Steve you are ignorant. Why does he have to win without help when every other star had plenty of help on their team… No one has just done it on their own… You don’t see someone averaging 50 pts a game… Your a moron

  12. ed

    on 05/03/2013 - Reply

    So far? No one can compare to MJ as of now, thats the truth.. MJ has a big contribution in basketball world, and he is the inspiration of many players not only in the america’ but in many country who loves basketball. Thats why he known as the LEGEND.. Weather you like it or not? Thats the truth..

  13. ed

    on 05/03/2013 - Reply

    So no need to compare, Because MJ and LJ Have different style, ability, opponent and time.

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