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Erik Spoelstra considering replacing Rondo with Bosh as All-Star starter

02/04/2013 at 2:06 pm By

Chris Bosh Miami Heat

With Rajon Rondo’s torn ACL removing him from the NBA All-Star game, Brook Lopez was recently announced as his replacement on the roster.

However, what has yet to be addressed is who will take Rondo’s spot in the starting lineup for the Eastern Conference.

Many people believed that Cavs guard Kyrie Irving was the most likely candidate to take Rondo’s position. But now that Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has been named the East’s coach, there is speculation that he might choose Chris Bosh, his player over Irving.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst first touched on the issue in a tweet after Spoelstra was announced as the coach for the East, saying, “Erik Spoelstra clinched All-Star coaching spot today, making Chris Bosh a virtual lock to replace Rondo as a starter. LeBron to PG.”

On Monday, Windhorst again dove into the issue in a column on ESPN.com in where he talks about Spoelstra potentially wanting to make the Heat the first team since the 1989-1990 Los Angeles Lakers to start three players in the All-Star Game.

He asked Spoelstra about the possibility of starting Bosh, to which Spoelstra replied, “I will tell you this, unequivocally, that my loyalties, first and foremost, are always with the Miami Heat.”

That sounds a little like Spoelstra is leaning towards Bosh, to me.

Irving seems like a logical choice given that he plays the same position as Rondo and has been performing at a superstar-level. But Spoelstra giving Bosh the spot instead, in the context of the Heat organization, also makes sense.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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