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Chris Andersen says fried rice kept him in shape in nine-month absence from NBA

02/06/2013 at 5:25 pm By

Chris Birdman Andersen

Chris “Birdman” Andersen wasn’t signed to an NBA team this offseason.

But after a nine-month absence from the league, the Miami Heat enlisted the services of the Birdman to help strengthen their undersized and poor-rebounding frontcourt.

Andersen showed up looking to be in great physical shape and ready to go. How’d he do it?

According to an article by ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh, Andersen had a strange secret to staying fit while not being in the league.

Haberstroh asked him how he stayed in shape, Birdman replied, “It was mainly my future mother-in-law’s fried rice…Listen, I’m telling you. She’s from Taiwan. She makes some legit fried rice. It’s not like the fried rice you can pick up from P.F. Chang’s or something like that. This is legitimate, healthy…Man, it’s awesome.”

Even though he wasn’t there, the thought of Birdman in a P.F. Chang’s is just amazing and hilarious.

Haberstroh also said in a tweet that Andersen introduced himself as “Bird.” In a later tweet, Haberstroh said that coach Erik Spoelstra called Andersen “Bird,” despite swearing that he’d never call a player by his nickname.

All Spoelstra had to say about referring to him as “Bird” and his earlier promise was, “For some reason, he’s different.”

In his first five games with the Heat, Andersen has averaged four rebounds and 3.8 points per game on 61.5 percent shooting in only 10.4 minutes per game.

No matter how unorthodox his training methods, and many of his other qualities, may be, it’s always fun to have Birdman in the league.

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