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Andrew Bynum unveils yet another strange new hairstyle

02/19/2013 at 11:01 am By

Andrew Bynum Hair

Andrew Bynum is a professional basketball player.

That’s a fact that’s been lost in this NBA season as Bynum has seen the news more for his wild and questionably chosen hairstyles this season than he has for basketball.

He showed up for an interview with his hair looking like it does in the top picture.

Bynum has yet to touch the floor this season for the Philadelphia 76ers as he’s recovering from a knee injury and also seems like he hasn’t seen a personal stylist either.

Though the Internet focused on his bizarre hair, Bynum also announced that he would return to practice in one-to-two weeks. No news was announced on what his hair will look like at that time.

Just for kicks, here’s a small collection of the hairstyles Bynum has rocked this season. Enjoy.


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