Titus Young continues to voice displeasure with Lions; says he’s tired of threats

01/25/2013 at 1:42 pm By


When the Detroit Lions selected Titus Young in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft they were hoping to add another viable target for Matthew Stafford to go along with all-world receiver Calvin Johnson. Instead they received someone whose respectable rookie numbers of 48 catches, 607 yards, and 6 TD’s in 16 games have been overshadowed by a few incidents that have led to disciplinary action by the team and a 2012 season that saw him appear in just 10 games.

Young reportedly punched a teammate during an offseason workout and has been sent home by the Lions due to his behavior on more than one occasion.

Earlier this week Young took to his Twitter account to discuss on not having the ball thrown in his direction as often as he would like. Apparently, he wasn’t quite finished getting things off his chest and logged in again Friday to let a few more thoughts fly.


It’s pretty much when, not if, the Lions decide to cut ties with Titus Young at this point, right?

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