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Kobe Bryant tops Forbes list of highest-paid NBA players

01/23/2013 at 9:34 am By

Kobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant obviously makes a lot of money. Bryant rakes in so much from his $27.8 million salary and endorsement deals that he ranks as Forbes’ top-piad NBA athlete with $59.8 million is combined earnings, according to a recent report:

Bryant, who was voted this month to start in his NBA-record 15th All-Star game, is a popular corporate endorser, earning an estimated $32 million annually off the court from partners Nike, Coca-Cola (he plugs Sprite), Turkish Air, Mercedes-Benz and memorabilia firm Panini. Nike provides the bulk of his sponsorship income. Bryant is a hugely popular figure in China, where Nike is looking to make further inroads. Nike sells twice as many of Bryant’s sneakers in China as in the U.S., according to sources.

LeBron James comes in a close second on the list with $57.6 million is combined earnings, despite his salary being about $10 million less than Bryant’s (LBJ makes about $17.6 mil in salary and approx. $40 mil in endorsements). The rest of the top-10 list is as follows:

3. Derrick Rose – $32.4 million

4. Dwyane Wade – $30.2 million

5. Kevin Durant – $29.7 million

6. Carmelo Anthony – $28.4 million

7. Amare Stoudemire – $27.9 million

8. Dwight Howard – $26.5 million

9. Chris Paul – $24.8 million

10. Pau Gasol – $21.5 million

Must be nice. Bryant also topped last year’s list with $52 mil in combined earnings from his salary and endorsements.

You can see more of the report in detail here.


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