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Controversial ending leaves Colorado coach wanting replay banned

01/04/2013 at 6:00 am By

Colorado Chen Buzzer-Beater

Instant replay has completely changed the landscape of the way sports are played. It no longer makes it a “he-said, she-said” type of argument for officials, but rather offers video evidence.

The idea of having replays in football and basketball is so that the refs can get the call right.

However, after a game-winning three at the buzzer by Sabatino Chen for the Colorado Buffaloes was called off last night, nullifying the shot and effectively the Buffaloes upset of No. 3 ranked Arizona, Colorado coach Tad Boyle wants to do away with replay.


ESPN’s Andy Katz reported the story, quoting Boyle as saying, “‘Get rid of instant replay,’ Boyle told ESPN.com by phone from Tucson. ‘In basketball, football, human error is part of our game. If human error is part of the game, let the officials call the game. Players, coaches and officials will make mistakes. It’s part of the game…We spend all this money on replays and we still can’t get it right. Get rid of it.’”

Though Boyle has a right to be pissed from the looks of the replay that shows the ball having left Chen’s hand right as time expired, he might be overreacting just a tad.

It’s fine to criticize the officials if they were blatantly wrong, and if you’re willing to pay the fine, but replay, for the most part, has made the game better.

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6 Comments so far

  1. Ethan Bookspan

    on 01/04/2013 - Reply

    Cody Williams, perhaps you should have listened to Coach Boyle’s full interview on Sportscenter this morning before posting a article marred with inaccuracies. Coach Boyle has been against instant replay since its inception. The shoe was on the other foot two years ago when Colorado beat K-State after a replay nixed a K-State basket and he was still against it. He also discusses in his interview that he just has to move on and is not sure if it was good or not and in no way was “fuming” in either of his interviews (post game and today). It was clear that you did not write your story from a objective stand point. I am not connected to Colorado or Coach Boyle and before today had never heard of him, but after reading your headline and then your article I cant help but respond to a writer who exemplifies the problem news reporting faces today. Anyone can just write an article of opinion without doing any research or investigation on a matter and get it published on the front page of a majorly trafficked sports website.

    • Anthony Ramsey

      on 01/04/2013 - Reply

      Ethan – Nowhere in our article does it say Boyle was “fuming”. If you read the complete article it actually is quite objective, and points out that while the call may have been incorrect replay has it’s purpose in basketball. Being that our site has been a partner of Yardbarker’s for a few years now, and I doubt they would feature us if we weren’t objective.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment.


      • Ethan Bookspan

        on 01/04/2013 - Reply

        My mistake, the headline on Yardbarker says fuming and I unfairly assumed your blog created the headline. We will just have to agree to disagree on the objectivity of the article. Im stubborn. Thanks for your reply. I looked through your blog today there is lots of good reading. Cheers.


  2. vmannj

    on 01/04/2013 - Reply

    If you’ll notice, CU had a 10 point lead with 4 minutes to play. Don’t blame the refs for blowing a call at the last second.

  3. pj

    on 01/04/2013 - Reply

    Vmannj, Ethan isn’t commenting about the loss, he is commenting about the reporting. To your point, the score up to the point of a clearly blown interpretation of call does nothing to lessen the fact that the refs were either incompetent or culpable.

  4. SGT

    on 01/08/2013 - Reply

    During the 2010-11 final season that the buffs played in the Big 12, CU won a game against Kansas State under the same circumstances when Rodney McGruder shot a 3-pointer which would have given the Wildcats a 59-58 win but the refs reviewed the play with good ol’ instant replay and ruled the ball had not left the hands of McGruder when the clock hit 0.00 and the buffs won the game 58-56. Boyle had no problem with replay at that time. Had the buffs not missed so many free throws in regulation or squandered their lead in OT, we would not be having this discussion.

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