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Former US Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton has been working as an escort in Las Vegas

12/20/2012 at 9:25 am By

suzy favor hamiltonHere’s a type of story that you don’t see every day… Suzy Favor Hamilton, who represented the United States as a distance runner in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics, has been working as a Las Vegas escort under the alias “Kelly Lundy”. Here are a few details:

Beginning last December, Suzy Favor Hamilton, 44, has worked with one of Las Vegas’s premier escort services, booking scores of “dates” in Sin City and other U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.

Favor Hamilton described the escort business as “exciting,” an illicit midlife diversion from her routine existence, one in which she operates a successful Madison, Wisconsin real estate brokerage with her husband, delivers motivational speeches, and does promotional work for various businesses and groups, including Disney’s running series and Wisconsin’s Potato & Vegetable Growers Association.

Favor Hamilton, who has also reportedly suffered from postpartum depression in the past, had this to say to a reporter about her exploits as an escort:

“I take full responsibility for my mistakes. I’m not the victim and I’m not going that route,” Favor Hamilton said. “I’m owning up to what I did. I would not blame anybody except myself.” She added, “Everybody in this world makes mistakes. I made a huge mistake. Huge.”

Wow. What makes the story a little more interesting, is the fact that Favor Hamilton is still married to her high school sweetheart and they have a seven year-old daughter together, and that her husband was fully aware of her escort gig. This isn’t exactly the example you want to set for your child.

H/T to the Smoking Gun for the scoop.


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31 Comments so far

  1. Chuck Schick

    on 12/20/2012 - Reply

    She’s hot, especially for a 44 year old.

  2. Kaci

    on 12/20/2012 - Reply

    Actually, being an escort (being paid for you time and companionship) is legal. Prostitution (being paid to perform a sexual act) is not ~ not even in Vegas. Unless she has been convicted on a prostitution charge, she is not a prostitute unless she chooses to admit to being one.
    As far as the jugdemental remarks from the “writer” of this article……perhaps you should think about the fact that 2 consenting adults spending time together is quite normal. Men have been paying women for their ‘time’ since the beginning of time in one way or another.
    This girl is not a street hooker that is addicted to drugs ~ she is not a child ~ she does not have a pimp forcing her to work. Thousands upon thousands of adult women choose to work as ‘escorts’ in many countries. Obviously, it pays well and there is great demand. Many of these women are “normal” and lead “normal” lives.
    Let just take 1 site that advertises “escorts”. Look on Backpage in the nearest major city to you. How many girls have ads posted? Most girls “date” 4 ~ 8 men in a day. Some of these men are doctors, lawyers, teachers ect!! They have money as the average session on BP is 100 ~ 200 dollars!!!!
    On more “upscale” and discreet sites, girls are screened as are the gents and sessions average 250 ~ 500 dollars an hour. Demand, demand, demand.
    Who do you think can afford to pay these girls? There is a HUGE difference between street hookers, backpage girls and upscale service girls.
    Pull you head out of the sand ~ prostitution has been around for EVER and will not be going away. The damand is just too great.
    Don’t judge what you do not undersatnd ~ it just shows ignorance.
    respectfully….an ‘escort’

    • Richard61

      on 12/20/2012 - Reply

      Hi Kaci,
      When are you available?

      • vern

        on 12/21/2012 - Reply

        @Richard61- I was thinking the same thing.

        • Kat

          on 12/21/2012 - Reply

          Other articles say that she she charged $6K for 24 hours, the operation she was working for is illegal, she used this as a coping mechanism during troubled times, her husband tried to stop her, and she is now in therapy to figure out why she did this. Kaci, this not a “normal” hooker like you.

    • thom jackson

      on 12/22/2012 - Reply

      Are you kidding what do you think escorting is, she is making 600 a night for talking wiyth someone. She is taking advantage of her status and selling herself. Her husband is just as bad and what will happen to their daughter. You know someone is going to ask her daughter in the future why her mom is so sleezy

      • jack sprat

        on 06/13/2013 - Reply

        Her husband begged her not to do it, repeatedly. Short of chaining her to the wall or beating the crap out of her, his only other route was to leave her. Suzy was determined to blow their lives up.

  3. acartwri

    on 12/20/2012 - Reply

    Long distance running just does not pay the bills!

  4. prettyluv

    on 12/20/2012 - Reply

    So!!! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!!!! Whose she hurting?!!! I’d rather being doing that than NURSING!!!! Hmmmm!!!

  5. Seth DekOnia

    on 12/20/2012 - Reply

    Suzy I used to look up to you as a young runner and guess what I still do! I wanted to be a famous track star and have a Hott Running wife like you! Nobody should judge her for living out a fantasy in an adult responsable manner! How many men Want to be James Bond w/ a license to kill? How many women wanna be Judy Barton or Catwoman!? You are living the dream! I just wish I could have taken you to my 10yr reunion! Keep your head up and above the muddy media waters!

  6. Big Pimpin

    on 12/20/2012 - Reply

    Suzy was just doing her thing and there’s nothing wrong with that. She saw a need and fulfilled that need. There is always a demand for this kind of service and she is just small business entrepreneur capitalizing on a niche market. GFE for $600 per hour now that’s high-end service right there, LOL!!!!!!

    Get paid and keep gettin that money girl!!!! For Real!!!!

  7. Kat

    on 12/21/2012 - Reply

    Then why is she saying she made a huge mistake?

    • vern

      on 12/21/2012 - Reply

      Maybe she’s saying she made a mistake running track.

  8. NC

    on 12/21/2012 - Reply

    This is a SAD story –and what is even sadder to me is that people are trying to make it okay. Obviously, she is doing FAR more than “just” being an escort OR she wouldn’t have an assumed name AND she wouldn’t be SORRY for it…..

    If it was so great – she wouldn’t feel guilty.

    However, what kind of man is he? pathetic. Most normal people would not want your wife and the mother of “your”?? child out with other men – even if it were just “platonic” escort business”.


    If you want to be with other people – don’t get married…and there are other ways to make money. yuk

    • Blue Dog

      on 12/21/2012 - Reply

      I see no issue- my wife has worked as a escort for a LEZ service here in STL for 8 years-Money helps and she loves it I do not mind – I get a thrill out of it. We have been married 20 years

      • Kat

        on 12/21/2012 - Reply

        She is out with other women? No wonder you don’t mind.

  9. NC

    on 12/21/2012 - Reply

    And if it was so “tame”, why isn’t she doing it in the town that she lives in…..? I think that says it all.

  10. DMac

    on 12/21/2012 - Reply

    Frankly I don’t see “WHY” anyone would pay her for her time, if she was top echelon of the agency, they have some very plain looking women.

    She’s NOT the attractive young swimmer anymore, she’s plain looking and has rather scrawny legs, not attractive at all. IF I’m going to pay for a woman’s time she needs to be a stunner. From my experience(s) in Las Vegas there many more women, much more attractive than her (she actually looks like a user), and just as available for very decent money. What better way for a single man to enjoy a city like Las Vegas!

  11. Patrick Oliver

    on 12/21/2012 - Reply

    Hang in Favor!

  12. Patrick Oliver

    on 12/21/2012 - Reply

    She said she worked in Las Vegas.
    I thought prostitution was illegal in Clark County.

  13. Vinnie Gardoosh

    on 12/23/2012 - Reply

    Umm ummm I’d pay for some that sweet pooty tang!

  14. JA K

    on 12/26/2012 - Reply

    I had her for $700/ 30 mins here in Houston, I got ripped off if she’s charging $600/ hour!!! Grrr

    • rbt

      on 02/08/2013 - Reply

      What’s that JA K? Just am kiddin?

  15. rlai

    on 12/31/2012 - Reply

    JAK, For real? How bout some details?

  16. Lsmith

    on 01/03/2013 - Reply

    Excuses, stone throwing, complimenting, degrading, snide remarks, we’re all entitled to our opinions. To be honest, what she did or didn’t do is none of our damned business.

  17. iamn

    on 01/09/2013 - Reply

    She was scheduled to work in Las Vegas from Jan. 5th through Feb. 5th of this year. Yikes. If she hadn’t been caught how many johns would she have serviced before she called it quits? It boggles the mind. Also, choosing the name Kelly when your daughters name is Kylie seems a little creepy to me.

    • jack sprat

      on 06/13/2013 - Reply

      Six little words that might have kept her brains inside her head: “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”.

      I’ll guarantee that her classmates will give her a childhood filled with grief. Sure hope the kid doesn’t kill herself over that.

      Mom of the Year

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    on 03/20/2013 - Reply

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    on 04/17/2013 - Reply

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  20. jack sprat

    on 06/13/2013 - Reply

    What hubby should have done was spend every dime of her take on her co-workers.

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