Brandon Marshall sounds off on Packers

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brandon marshall crazyChicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall has never really been shy with the media. During a media session Wednesday, Marshall was again his candid self and had some choice words for the Green Bay Packers. Here are a few highlights from the session, via JSOnline:

On Sunday’s game: “This is the biggest game of my career. I’m excited about it. I’ve had this game marked since we played them last. I heard exactly what the corner — what’s the, ‘Tramon?’ — I heard exactly what he was saying after the game. Woodson, those guys, they do a lot of talking so this is personal for me. We all know the rivalry. We all know what’s at stake. I’m going to play it like it’s my last game.”

“For me, the reason I would like Charles out there is totally different. I want him out there because of some of the things that they say. I take it personal when someone takes jabs at the way I approach the game or my career. So I’m excited to see him out there full speed.”

On the fact that it wouldn’t be smart for Green Bay to leave him in man-to-man coverage: “I don’t know. I don’t know. But the way some people talk, it’s like they did that. I would love their play to back up their talk.

“It’s personal. I want to impose my will this game.”

On their physical play: “Non-existent. Not physical at all. They played a lot of off. Leading up to the game, they were complaining about how big I was. I was cheater because I grabbed and pushed at the line of scrimmage. I thought that’s what bump coverage was about.

On if there’s talk on the field: “Like I said, this is personal. I respect the things they have accomplished. I respect where they’re at. I’m always going to respect my opponent. But all that shaking hands stuff, it’s not going to happen. I’ve never been shut out in one-on-one coverage—ever in my life.”

Marshall’s comments are reminiscent of comments he made last season about having a goal of getting ejected in the first half of a game while playing for the Miami Dolphins.

One thing is for sure; if it wasn’t already, Sunday’s Bears-Packers game just became must-see TV.


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