Video: Dwight Howard clowns Kobe Bryant’s age on team flight

11/24/2012 at 2:40 pm By

While the Los Angeles Lakers are struggling during a two-game losing streak, it appears that first-year Laker Dwight Howard hasn’t lost his wild sense of humor. Here’s video of Howard clowning Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant’s age on a recent team flight:

I’m not too sure how Kobe or fans will respond to Howard’s joking around after the team had just lost to the lowly Sacramento Kings, especially considering that Howard is averaging just 7 points and 6.5 rebounds in the last two games.

Joking is fine and dandy when you’re winning, but in the midst of a 6-7 start D. Howard would be wise to tone it down a bit for now.


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3 Comments so far

  1. SKCA

    on 11/24/2012 - Reply

    Yes, Dwight should sit around and mope, as should the rest of the Lakers, because that will turn that losing streak right around!

  2. Casey

    on 11/25/2012 - Reply

    Doesn’t the writer know that’s how team chemistry is formed?? NBA basketball is a game not a business!!

  3. Will-Mitch

    on 11/26/2012 - Reply

    First off, thanks for the video. If it was not for sites like this, I would not be able to see such entertaining “behind the scenes” footage. I mean that with all do respect. With that being said, just allow the video to do all the talking. It doesn’t require negative comments that overshadow the playfulness of the “game”. Don’t care more for the game than the actual players playing the game. That sounds like a problem to me.

    Last but not least. It sounds like you might be a Laker fan. Just remember, cream always rises to the top. The Lake Show will be there at the end my friend.

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