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Royce White airs Houston Rockets situation via Twitter

11/14/2012 at 11:21 am By

Houston Rockets rookie forward Royce White struggles with anxiety disorder, but that did’t stop the Rockets from drafting him 16th overall in the 2012 NBA Draft. White has yet to play in a regular season game for the Rockets this season and was recently demoted to the D-League. Reports are saying White was demoted for missing practice, while others say he is being demoted for missing practice.

White in response claims that he has not gotten adequate support from the organization regarding his condition. Rockets analyst Matt Bullard called out Royce White Tuesday night, and White took to a series of tweets starting Tuesday night and running over to Wednesday morning to voice his take on the situation:

This situation is getting messy for the Rockets, who have had an otherwise pleasant start to the 2012-2013 season. One key thing that White must realize is that the NBA is a business, and at the end of the day the team has made an investment in him to represent them on the basketball court, which White has yet to do to this point in his career.

Whether or not they have supported White in a manner that is acceptable to him, missing practices and not airing in house matters in an ill-advised way of handling the situation.

Hopefully the organization and White from this point forward will handle their differences internally before it becomes a bigger issue.


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