Fights break out at wake of Hector “Macho” Camacho

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Former five-time boxing champion Hector “Macho” Camacho was known for being a bit unconventional and outlandish during his fighting days. Apparently his death brought much of the same.

Numerous fights broke out at the wake of the Puerto-Rican boxer Tuesday in Puerto Rico, with the most outrageous happening between Camacho’s late girlfriends and his sisters. Here are details:

[Cynthia]┬áCastillo planted a kiss on the mouth of the slain boxer at the viewing and then walked to the area reserved for family, where she claimed her plate of food was upended. She got into an altercation with Gloria Fernandez, who claimed to have been Camacho’s girlfriend for the past 25 years, as well as Camacho’s sisters, Esther and Estrella.

“I am the actual girlfriend of Macho, and those who don’t like it better not bring it,” said Cynthia Castillo, who claimed to be Camacho’s girlfriend at the time of his death, told ESPN Deportes. “They shouldn’t be going after me. They should be thanking me for being with him at all times.”

“I went to get something to eat because Machito (Hector Camacho Jr.) told me to, and his ex-girlfriend (Fernandez) came up to me and told me that I had to leave,” Castillo told ESPN Deportes, showing a fresh scratch across her clavicle. “I said no, so they threw my plate of food and attacked me, and I defended myself.”

Camacho died November 24 after suffering a gunshot wound to the face in a shooting outside of a bar in PR. Camacho struggled with drug and alcohol addiction throughout his life but was known as a flamboyant and entertaining fighter, registering victories over great Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran. Camacho also faced legends Julio Cesar Chavez and Oscar De La Hoya, suffering a defeat in each fight.

It’s a bit sad that Camacho couldn’t even find peace after his death. A wake is no place for the attendants to fight over differences, no matter what the circumstances.


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  1. BoxingFan1

    on 11/30/2012 - Reply

    This writer is way off on his boxing history, Sugar Ray Leonard was annihilated and stopped by Camacho.

  2. allen dunn

    on 11/30/2012 - Reply

    Its ashamed this whole episode why are these thing’s seems to go on with the negro race would some one please tell me why are we doing these things this stuff needs to stops why are we our own worse enemy

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