Andrew Bynum allegedly doesn’t like basketball that much

11/20/2012 at 1:25 pm By

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one… Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum has yet to play in a game for the Sixers – preseason or regular season – and according to a SLAM Magazine senior editor Tzvi Twersky via CBSPhilly.com, a former teammate says that Bynum doesn’t like playing basketball that much. Here are details:

“I started investigating [the bowling] a little bit,” Twersky said. “And one of the people that I hit, a guy who has played with him before, he texted me back and said ‘I don’t know if that’s true [the bowling], but I do know that I’ve never met another player in the league who likes basketball less [than Bynum].”

“The disclaimer is, I don’t know Andrew like that. From what I hear, he’s a good guy,” Twersky said. “But the fact that I heard this from a guy who has played with him before, it kind of made me think, ‘what’s going on here exactly?’ That’s not the kind of a guy that I necessarily want to be maxing out.

Bynum’s desire and passion for the game has been questioned in the past, but he put most of them to rest by having an All-Star 2011-2012 campaign. But ever since the Los Angeles Lakers dealt him to the Sixers in August, Bynum has noticeably been going through… changes.

Bynum is due for a new contract next summer and has the talent that generally demands a max deal in the $100 million range. With the latest develops and injuries, Bynum will have to put on one hell of a performance when he does return to still be able to secure that type of money and change this latest perception about his desire.


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7 Comments so far

  1. Samoyed

    on 11/21/2012 - Reply

    Another lazy tool like Lamar Odom. What fool would turn down millions due to being a slug? Apparently quite a few.

  2. Frank

    on 11/21/2012 - Reply

    These kinds of stories make me ill. There are so many people with so much heart but without his god given size and ability who’d crawl over glass to have have the opportunities he has. However he’s loafed through life with coaches enabling him because they see his potential. For one year, let this dude get on a commuter bus every morning, work a 9 hour day, commute back, and repeat process 5 days a week with 2 weeks a year off for vacation. My guess is he’ll love basketball and come running back. My holiday wish is that no owner is dumb enough to shell out big cash for this load.

  3. rockyfortune

    on 11/21/2012 - Reply

    Sonny said it best in A Bronx Tale…The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

  4. V

    on 11/21/2012 - Reply

    Boy, am I happy Lakers traded his @s$…

  5. Dbrad

    on 11/21/2012 - Reply

    ONE guy who u wont name claims he played w/ Bynum and Bynum doesnt like playing…. o.k.. by the way, I went on FaceBook with this story and someone replied and said the same thing about you and your writing….

    • Anthony Ramsey

      on 11/21/2012 - Reply

      We simply relay the news, we don’t make it.

      Thanks for sharing.


  6. Tommy Ridgeway

    on 11/22/2012 - Reply

    This one time at band camp..

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