50 Cent agrees to fight Floyd Mayweather for $5 million

11/14/2012 at 9:43 am By

If you weren’t aware, undefeated champ Floyd “Money” Mayweather and his BFF Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson had a public beef recently, that 50 claims was a publicity stunt (of course it was).

Well apparently, someone is willing to pony up $5 million to each Mayweather and 50 to get them to square off in the ring, according to Hip Hop Wired:

Billionaire entrepreneur Alki David and Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman are breaking off undefeated boxing superstar and Money Team leader and former buddy $5,000,000 each to settle their differences in the ring.

“I’ll fight him, Dec 14th is [too] soon. I would need time to get in shape. I’m 204 right now I hit that boy he will see a white light,” 50 tweeted.

Mayweather has yet to respond to the offer, but it appears that 50 is all for it. The power of the dollar is strong, so it would not be surprising to see Mayweather opt in to the fight as well.

The real question is this: would you buy a PPV fight featuring a 43-0 pound-for-pound champ and a multi-platinum rapper who has no professional boxing experience? Yeah, me either.


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50 Comments so far

  1. steve

    on 11/18/2012 - Reply

    no he wont he will get knock the F(%& out.

    • frank

      on 04/12/2013 - Reply

      Id give 50c a chance MMA rules. He could probably take Mayweather down and smash him with ground and pound. 50lbs is a lot to overcome.

    • shawn

      on 08/27/2013 - Reply

      you kids are idiots 50 would knock gayweather the fuk out 50 was a Olympic boxer back in the day he knows the game …

  2. Bu Hui Jun

    on 11/28/2012 - Reply

    If 50 Cent seriously train hard, he can perhaps be a challenging match for his professdional opponent, it might be worth the money to watch. Anyway, 5 million is worth the chance – good business move.

  3. Michael Jones

    on 11/29/2012 - Reply

    Mayweather is going to knock 50 cent out

    • robert

      on 03/20/2013 - Reply

      i don’t think he will if he trains day and night.

      • Big Daddy

        on 05/09/2013 - Reply

        Listen dude 50 cent can train for a whole year straight without catching a break and still not be a competition for Mayweather are you dumb? Lol…there s no way he is going to compare to Mayweather. Mayweather didn’t just came up from one day to another he been boxing for over 17 years you crazy…just cause 50 is hood and probably can fight don’t mean he can box. You crazy..just saying.. Lol…

        • krazy K

          on 07/30/2013 - Reply

          50 actually use to box, but he wasn’t a pro

          • Rick Mage

            on 08/26/2013 -

            So, what! I used to box, and I’m willing to bet that I could kill 50 Cent in the ring out out of the ring! I wouldn’t last a minute against Mayweather….

  4. Jason

    on 11/29/2012 - Reply

    Yea ok…your gonna say that Mayweather, a 140lbs boxer who has a hard time knocking out men his own size is gonna knockout a man who has 50lbs on him…I think 50 will have a hard time hitting Mayweather cuz of his speed and defense, but to say Mayweather is gonna knock him out is ridiculous! And theres no way Mayweather would take this fight…hes wont fight Pacquiao for over $50 million…why would he fight 50 for $5 million?????

    • Rick

      on 03/21/2013 - Reply

      Please….When I was an armature fighter, I fought at 132 pound. I would still destroy these 200 + pound tough guy wannabes who never boxed but thought they could! They would come in the ring and laugh at me because of my size….They didn’t laugh after I ended up KOing their asses! Yeah, sometimes it took me longer than a round to do it, but I still Koed their asses! Oh, and they hit like pussies, too. They were muscled up football players, but I was hit harder by light weight fighters who I was competing against in Nationals! :p Hell, my light weight sparing partners could hit harder than these football players, and my light wight sparing partners could also taking more punishment, too…In fact, I never could KO my sparing partners, but they were real good armature boxers, too. Point I’m making?? If I got in fighting shape, I would probably beat 50 cent’s ass in the ring…What makes you think that Floyd wouldn’t just slap 50 cent around with one hand tied behind his back?? :p Hell, Floyd should just let me fight 50 Cent foe that 5 million dollars! He’s already super rich, and I could really use that 5 million dollars! If they’ll let me get in fighting shape, I should be able to beat 50 Cent, too…I don’t know if I could KO him, but I sure should be able to beat the shit out of 50 Cent. ;)

      • rudy

        on 04/06/2013 - Reply

        Well, I see what you are saying, every individual is different, im 220 lbs, but I know I would reck you in a boxing match, I have ko power in both hands and im quick, sorry but no 135 lbs person can beat me, but I know how to fight and take a punch

      • RocJames

        on 04/27/2013 - Reply

        I was also an amateur boxer. I was 168lbs and I would train with a guy that was 215 and a guy that was 115.
        I agree to a point Rick, but if you wouldve stepped in the ring with me at 135, you would be in a hurry to get home and check your dental insurance. All it would take would be a lucky punch from 50 and Money May would go down. I agree that May would make him look silly because 50 is not a pro boxer, but all it takes is one lucky punch

      • Bringbackbabalu

        on 05/06/2013 - Reply

        Sure ya did…

      • Johnny

        on 05/07/2013 - Reply

        Rick, I agree with you 100%! I fought as well and these clowns posting silly comments have no idea. I floored dudes at 200+ as well. You see we train to do this stuff and 50 cent probably never even sparred. I know guys at 125 that would knock the fuck out of 50 cent and alot of other clowns that have no idea on what it takes to prepare for a fight. I see where your comming from bro. Oh and yeah some clown can get lucky with a haymaker but so can anyone. the only way you get nailed with a bullshit punch is if you dont see it comming or your tired as hell. Most of these clowns wont last 30 secounds. 50 gets stopped in 2 rounds mayweather will box his ears off! Good post Rick

        • Pete Guirguess

          on 05/21/2013 - Reply

          Oh cool, you trained, I think that is great that you train. Please post your “BoxRec” to show these clowns, you know how the internet is, people want to discredit the hard work and dedication.

        • Deez

          on 07/02/2013 - Reply

          I agree with all of the trained amatuer boxers that a trained fighter can whoop on a bigger “tough guy.” With that said though, 50 Cent started boxing at age 11. He competed in the amatuer boxing jr. olympics, and I even recall Emmanuel Steward (RIP Legendary trainer) talking about 50 Cent had won the New York local or state Golden Gloves tournament during one of the HBO PPV broadcasts.

          So with that new information, mixed with the fact that 50 would train at the Mayweather gym (I don’t know if he sparred, so we’ll just say worked out) what do you think his chances of beating Floyd are now? I still say slim to none but thats better odds than no chance in hell.

        • borisha

          on 07/13/2013 - Reply

          50 trained boxing

      • krazy K

        on 07/30/2013 - Reply

        oh man quit lyin..lol

    • Big Daddy

      on 05/09/2013 - Reply

      Who cares about a knock out….lol Mayweather will destroy him slowly and give him a new face make over…50 aint got no boxers stamina probably won’t even stand in the ring for two rounds..lol..


    on 11/29/2012 - Reply


  6. Kenneth Peterson

    on 12/11/2012 - Reply

    Anyone that thinks 50 has any chance of beating Mayweather must think Mayweather can rap also

    • Big Daddy

      on 05/09/2013 - Reply

      LOL word people are so damn dumb..smh

  7. Hanover nh inn

    on 12/13/2012 - Reply

    50 Cent is well known for all such publicity stunts. But if they ever fought, Mayweather would knock him out in one punch.

  8. Sheldon Marr

    on 12/20/2012 - Reply

    You have to be an idiot to think 50 Cent could even stand a chance at Mayweather. It takes years of dedication to build up the kind of cardio and muscle memory professional boxers (athletes) have.

    50 would probably be tired near the end of the first round to be honest – and that’s a conservative estimate. Now add in the experience and technique that Mayweather has he will just be dancing around the ring no problem.

    @DEBULL I agree it would be a huge mistake. 50 is a rapper and his reputation depends on people thinking he can handle himself.

    @Jason – as an experienced mma trainer I can say that Mayweather would have no problem knocking 50 out. Yes he has 50+ lbs on him but more weight does not mean he has an iron jaw. Mayweather might have trouble knocking out other professional boxers in his division but they have all developed the speed to roll with the punches and the endurance to take a hit.

    THAT BEING SAID…I would love to see that fight so I could LMAO…

  9. Stan

    on 01/07/2013 - Reply

    Lol I would love to see this fight just for the laughs!! lol!

  10. tyler

    on 02/24/2013 - Reply

    HAHA Holy shit hell yeah I would pay a PPV to see 50 get knocked the fuck out and I know a shit load of other people would too!

  11. CJ Topspin

    on 03/03/2013 - Reply

    I’d pay to see Floyd crush 50 cent and then watch 50 cent’s “posse” gun Floyd down at the end of the fight.


  12. Dean Roberts

    on 03/07/2013 - Reply

    They will both be broke soon and staring in there own episode of Bum Fights, I will wait for that. 5 cent’s vs No Money

  13. Evan Comrie

    on 03/10/2013 - Reply

    Uhh…do any of you clowns realize 50 cent is a former golden glove champion? Yes he’d most likely lose but he wouldn’t get totally destoyed like some of you seem to think. Do your research next time.

    • Pete Guirguess

      on 05/21/2013 - Reply

      What year and what Region?

      LoL at Golden Gloves Champ!

      50 wasn’t a Golden Glove Champ you fool!

      He might have had a Golden Mic at one time, but a Golden Glove?

      Hell no, and it’s not even close.

      • Dan

        on 08/27/2013 - Reply

        Actually yes he was a golden gloves boxer. 90% of the ppl in here are idiots. not only that 50 cent ways like nearly 100 lbs more than mayweather. i doubt theyd fight in the same class.

  14. money

    on 03/16/2013 - Reply

    money mayweather makes 20 plus million a fight on showtime. there for he would never fight 50 cents.

  15. Goddessweaves

    on 03/17/2013 - Reply

    OMG! I would do almost anything to see 50 cent in the boxing ring! Go ahead baby do your thing! sexy azz:)~ just dont get busted up it would hurt too much to see you like that:( #Muchlove, love when you sing naughty songs, take me to the candy shop babes,craving hot cholocate:)LOL

  16. Felton Keith Clark

    on 04/13/2013 - Reply

    50 cent would get his ass beat like a drum i dont give a fuknif hecweightsv300..no boxer in years has been able to hit Floyd clean and he sure
    As hell will not.Bruce Lee weight about 100lbs do you think you at 200 pounds can beat him…hell no thats my point. 50 is no boxer.

  17. 10thGenerationAmerican

    on 05/02/2013 - Reply

    Have you seen the footwork of a REAL boxer? Side stepping, cutting off the ring, swinging to meet the ducking movements of a lesser fighter’s head would move, and ducking under punches while stepping into with a counter-punch. You really think that 50 knows what punch can counter a left hook? hahahahahahaa
    More so, just because someone shoots a gun doesn’t mean that they can fight. Most hoodies, all they do is blindly swing and move their head back so that it doesn’t get it, all Mayweather needs to do is duck under and swing with an uppercut and 50 is sleeping like he got hit with a bat under the chin.
    As a former 10 year US Marine and martial arts instructor, never under estimate someone smaller than you and though I’m 250, only 10 pounds heavier than my military days, I never under estimate fighters who are smaller. Speed can almost always overcome power. 50 may have power, but his fighting style would be awkward, his head-movements would be predictable, and he would tire faster in later rounds. Mayweatheer is going to make him look stupid, wear him down, let him make a mistake, and knock his ace out like that guy On the movie “Friday.”

  18. Robert

    on 05/09/2013 - Reply

    Some of you are just idiotic to think if fifty cent trains sun up sun down he’d have a chance. Floyd has been training like that since he was a litle boy. Some people don’t get the art of boxing and don’t realize how quickly fifty could get demolished. Remember last year i believe floyd one punch KO’d some dudes big ass body guard. Do we really want that for fifty? its a stupid ass fight. I’ve trained with pro boxers and if he didn’t want me to touch him i couldn’t. Even after all the training I did and i did good against amateur boxers. That professional level is entirely different let alone a world camp as fast and as evasive as mayweather. Fifty wuldnt last a single round

  19. mike

    on 05/23/2013 - Reply

    and if fifty trained really hard he could beat Nate Robinson 1 on 1. I mean… he is taller.

  20. realtalk330

    on 05/25/2013 - Reply


  21. Marcus McCarthy

    on 05/31/2013 - Reply

    Sorry but i don’t give a shit how much boxing skills may weather has bet 50 wont hit him but at the same time if he does hit mayweather he is gonna go nite nite .

  22. bwoods81

    on 06/02/2013 - Reply

    alot of people would pay to see that fight. but it will never happen !

  23. oliver hardcore

    on 06/10/2013 - Reply


    Actually you’re wrong.

    Unless 5o is properly trained he wouldn’t hit harder then a pro boxer who is 50p lighter dude think about it.

    Not only can a properly trained fighter always hit harder but can always take much much more punishment.

    It called conditioning, (except for the glass jaw syndrome) I can’t believe I’m even having this conversation.

    REF: Ex martial arts champ/ Boxing champ/ Instructor

  24. Niko

    on 06/30/2013 - Reply

    This writer must’ve thought their beef was real to entertain this stupid idea. It will never happen unless Floyd desperately needed dough which he don’t. Columnists who entertain the idea must be working with Terez Owens and Perez Hilton on promoting the fight

  25. misterb

    on 07/10/2013 - Reply

    Will never happen… not before Money Mayweather’s SHOTIME Boxing contract is up. Dream on 50… May will not fight for a measly $5 MIL!

  26. realgame

    on 07/11/2013 - Reply

    The Game would fuck mayweather up…lol

  27. Cuba

    on 09/03/2013 - Reply

    Floyd would beat the shit out of 50.

  28. Pappy2Kool

    on 09/10/2013 - Reply

    boxing is a SCIENCE….yes, 50 boxed at one time…but you don’t walk into the chemistry lab & just start randomly mixing chemicals….

    fighting at that level requires YEARS of training…like science…

    with that being said, ANYONE can get caught….all you have to do is look at the history books….

    on a final note….Floyd Mayweather beats Women, and 50 calls them bitches…


  29. Mike Sweeney

    on 10/14/2013 - Reply

    I can’t stand Mayweather, and I like 50 Cent, but that said, Mayweather would ABSOLUTELY DESTROY 50 Cent. It would be embarrassing, and it would be over in a round (two tops).

    I appreciate 50’s competitive side, but he’s deluding himself to think he even has the slightest chance. Just mail in the stats.

  30. Joemammy23

    on 12/02/2013 - Reply

    Still 5 million dollars its worth it but 5- cent is a gangbanger he probably can fight but i wanna to see EMINEM to fight winner!!! i want to see that

  31. drak truth

    on 10/09/2014 - Reply



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