The 2012-13 have the oldest average age in NBA history

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Photo: Craig Ruttle, AP

This off-season, the New York Knicks added a plethora of veterans to bolster their roster. It just so happens that most of those additions are among the oldest players in the NBA.

Per Buckets Per Broadway, the Knicks with their new players have secured the oldest roster in NBA history. Literally:

By adding the likes of Jason Kidd (age 39), Kurt Thomas (39), Marcus Camby (38), Argentinian “rookie” Pablo Prigioni (35) and Rasheed Wallace (38) the Knicks not only have four of the six oldest players in the league, but have an average age of 32 years and 240 days old—the oldest team in NBA history by far.

In addition, the Knicks had an average age of 27 years and 300 days old just a season ago, meaning they have added close to five years of age per player. No team in history has added close to that much age from one year to the next.

Head coach Mike Woodson said recently that you don’t win championships in the NBA with youth, but an average age of over 32 years old may be a bit too extreme in the experience department. Once the Knicks slow down the pace, I sense a lot of isolation plays for Carmelo Anthony on the menu, regardless if he says he plans to score less this year.

The Knicks will be one of the most intriguing teams to watch this upcoming season. They will either be a success or a train wreck waiting to happen. Whichever happens, on the NY stage you already know the media will eat it up.


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