Michael Vick likely to be benched in favor of rookie Nick Foles

10/29/2012 at 10:09 am By

With the Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) season going a little less successful as anticipated, reports out of Philly are saying that Michael Vick will more than likely be benched in favor of rookie QB Nick Foles:

The Eagles have lost their last three games as Vick has struggled with turnovers during the first half of the season. Vick has thrown eight interceptions and fumbled nine times in seven games. Vick himself said he would support a change if Reid went in that direction:

“Obviously, he’s thinking about making a change at the quarterback position,” Vick said. “The thing I do know is that I’m giving us every opportunity to win. I’m trying my hardest. Some things don’t go right when I want them to. Some things do. So if that’s the decision that (Reid) wants to make, then I support it.”

On the season, Vick has completed 157-266 passes (.59 percent) for 1,823 yards and nine touchdowns while also rushing for 247 yards on 48 carries.

Foles was drafted in the third round by the Eagles this summer and has yet to throw a regular season NFL pass. Foles excelled during the preseason, leading to speculation that if Vick failed to produce, head coach Andy Reid would be confident enough in Foles to make a change.

The Eagles play the New Orleans Saints November 5 on Monday Night Football. The Saints defense is among the league’s worst and would be a prime opportunity to get Foles acclimated to the pro game.


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10 Comments so far

  1. jl harris

    on 10/29/2012 - Reply

    im glad vick is going to the sidelines, not cuz of his football screwups but cuz he is a felon who bought his way out of jail.
    if it was me who did what vick did id still be in prison

    • JP

      on 10/29/2012 - Reply

      how did he buy his way out of prison?

      • JOE

        on 10/29/2012 - Reply


    • gerriand hunter

      on 10/29/2012 - Reply

      I must say you are probably a white males who has gotten breaks from the time you were born. This man spent time in jail for killing dogs. Name me another person that has gone to jail for dog fighting. He paid his debt to society. Are you out protesting people hunting and killing animals illegally? Deer, elk, Moose and other animals are being pouched daily. I don’t see you telling any of them that they shouldn’t work again because of a mistake. I wonder if things would be different if he was your color.

    • dee

      on 10/29/2012 - Reply

      JL Harris you’re an idiot. Who gives a damn about dogs anyway? He didn’t kill a person or harm a child! I hope in all sincerity what how you wish for failure on someone else, you experience failure for your past transgressions. He paid his debt in time served. Get over it, it was a ugly dog, not a human!

      • meathead

        on 10/29/2012 - Reply

        dee, I give a damn about dogs! You’re right Vick didn’t kill a human being but there are some out there (like myself) that treat dogs as a part of a family (like myself)! I have no problem with a scumbag getting what they deserve for harming another human being…Who gives a damn about you?! deeschbag

  2. Donny Russ

    on 10/29/2012 - Reply

    @J1 Harris

    Are you seriously still stuck on something that happened in that man’s past life? Everyone makes mistakes in this thing we call life and Thank God for Chist forgiveness because if it were left to people such as yourself no-one would be forgiven {or only ones of your choice i guess}. Get a life

  3. G. Butler

    on 10/29/2012 - Reply

    when you murder over 40 dogs ; some by drowning (imagining what kind of person can hold a dog under water until it dies and do it again and again)luckily for some – he just shot in the head ; Vick is a cruel sick S.O.B.> dog fighting was just the tip of the ice burg. How would you like a guy like this dating your daughter ? Read about his little brother Marcus and see the culture and lack of any moral value this family has. Phenomenal gifted athletes ; horrible sick human beings. He blew it ; no surprise.

  4. Craig

    on 10/30/2012 - Reply

    Seriously? The damn issue is that the o-line sucks. Period. Go ahead throw Foles in and watch him get carted off the field. Andy is done. Should have fired the o-line coach, then the o coordinator.

    What a wasted season.

  5. b sherman

    on 10/30/2012 - Reply

    i agree with Donny Russ, this happen a long time ago and they are still talking about it. Where is the love..Where is the forgiveness? If you had done something wrong, and I’m sure you have done something wrong, and I know you would want God to forgive you. How about these people riding all around town with their dogs hanging out their vehicles, instead of having them in a cage with the seatbelt on.

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