Kobe Bryant thinks Dwight Howard needs to be more of an a-hole

10/10/2012 at 10:27 am By

The regular season hasn’t even started yet and we have already gotten a ton of great quotes from some of the NBA’s finest.

Kobe Bryant recently mentioned that his next two seasons may be his last. During that same interview, Kobe offered a light critic of Dwight Howard’s personality and style of play:

“Dwight, to be a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, you’ve got to have a little of that dog in you,” Bryant said. “It’s just a matter of him digging deep and just pulling it out. But it’s already there. It’s just a matter of him having it become habit.”

Just likeĀ Shaquille O’Neal, right?

“No. They’re different,” Bryant said. “Shaq was a goofball. But Shaq was a big a-hole. I was a little a-hole. It worked well.

“Dwight has a lot of that in him. He just needs to bring it out and make guys pay every single day.”

If anyone would know about how being an a$$hole on the court can benefit your game, it’s Kobe Bryant. Kobe has the reputation of being one of the most competitive, driven and cold-blooded players in the league. That type of attitude has helped Kobe become of the best to ever play the game.

Dwight Howard seems to be soaking up all the game Kobe is dishing. If he can apply them to his game and not take offense to the criticism, the Lakers will be in good shape for years to come.


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5 Comments so far

  1. Peter

    on 10/11/2012 - Reply

    Michael Jordan is the greatest to ever play the game, get it right.

    • not peter

      on 10/11/2012 - Reply

      Actually that would be Wilt Chamberlain, know your history and stats.

    • Doug

      on 10/11/2012 - Reply

      Jordan was nothing without Pippen!

      • NeitherPeterNORdoug

        on 10/13/2012 - Reply

        Dwight is already an asshole, just not the type kobe thinks

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