Kobe Bryant says Lakers-Clippers rivalry has never existed

10/01/2012 at 12:09 pm By

There has been a bit of a battle for Los Angeles brewing in the media between the Lakers and the Clippers, but don’t tell that to future hall of famer Kobe Bryant.

When asked at Lakers media day Monday about any rivalry with the Lakers and Clippers, Kobe has this to say in response:

“It isn’t a rivalry. It never has been a rivalry.”

Kobe has a point. On paper, the Lakers (41-25) and Clippers (40-26) both look good and happen to share the Staples Center as their home court. But the Clippers have been dominated on the court by the Lakers for years, not to mention that the Lakers have 16 banners hanging in the Staples Center rafters, compared to none for the Clippers. Advantage: Lakers.

Both the Lakers and Clippers have made improvements to their rosters after not advancing passed the second round of the playoffs last season, with the Lakers adding Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Antawn Jamison and the Clippers picking up Grant Hill, Lamar Odom, and Jamal Crawford.

2012-13 could be the most exciting season in years for both Los Angeles teams. But when it comes to which team runs Los Angeles, the Lakers will come out on top every time.


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