Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. fined and suspended indifinetly by WBC

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The World Boxing Confederation has fined middleweight boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-1-01, 32 KOs) for testing positive for marijuana before his loss to Sergio Martinez on Sept. 15. It is reported that Chavez Jr. will also enter a rehab facility. Here is a statement from the WBC via the LA Times:

“The WBC will open its doors once again to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., so he can continue his successful career when he feels he can return. The suspension will last as long as the rehab center advises,” the WBC statement said. “But … we also give boxers the chance to continue a career path, after they undergo rehab.”

Chavez Jr.’s fine is $20,000 and his suspension indefinite. Chavez Jr. was also suspended in 2009 for testing positive for a diuretic. Chavez Jr. also faces a fine of $25,000 and suspension of up to a year by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Chavez Jr., the son of legendary Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, lost his middleweight title after being outclassed for 11 of 12 rounds by Martinez in September. Once he returns to the ring, he will have the option to fight at either middleweight but he may be better suited as a cruiserweight due to his size.

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