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Video: Golden Tate levels Sean Lee with vicious block

09/16/2012 at 8:24 pm By




After a win against the defending Super Bowl champions in week 1 the Dallas Cowboys took one on the chin today losing to the Seahawks 27-7 up in Seattle. Early in the fourth quarter Dallas linebacker Sean Lee took a cringe inducing shot under his chin during a scramble by quarterback Russell Wilson from Seattle wide receiver Golden Tate.




No flags were thrown but according to Mike Pereira, former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL, there should have been.



With the NFL making a concerted effort to protect defenseless players Tate can probably expect to receive a letter requesting he cough up a few dollars for the hit he was quite proud of.


“Man, it felt great,” Tate said afterward. “That felt better than a touchdown to me.”


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