Pic: Fan gets Mike Napoli image shaved into head

08/10/2012 at 6:53 pm By

Striking resemblance…



Fan is short for fanatic. We’ve seen evidence of this numerous times over the years. Getting your favorite player tattooed somewhere on you is popular. Having players from your favorite team painted on your car has been done as well. Now we’re apparently at having a player’s likeness shaved into your head, like the 12-year old who got San Antonio Spurs three-point specialist Matt Bonner shaved into his and this guy who did the same with Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli.




Napoli was selected as the American League’s starting catcher in this year’s All-Star game, beating out Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins thanks to 4,317,718 votes. I wonder how many this fan was responsible for?




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