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Suns to Recruit Deron Williams Using Golf?

06/02/2012 at 6:32 pm By


Deron Williams will be among the NBA’s most coveted free agents after next season. The Nets will try to keep him & Dallas has long been rumored to be in play.

The Suns are reportedly preparing to make a run at Williams as well if they lose Steve Nash.

While most teams will sell free agents on the prospects of winning, by selling the city & marketing opportunities, the Suns have a different game plan.


“If they lose Steve, then they plan to go after Deron, hard,” said a person with knowledge of the Suns’ plans. “They know he loves golf and they’re going to try to sell him on going out there.”

I think the Suns have zero shot at Williams and if this is their strategy, I’d put their odds at less than zero if it were possible.

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