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Minor league team gives away seat cushions with Obama & Romney on opposite sides; ask fans to vote by sitting

06/16/2012 at 5:50 pm By

Whose side are you on?



The Stockton Ports, Class A affiliate of the Oakland A’s who play in the California League, lost 8-4 last night to the Visalia Rawhide (Arizona Diamondbacks) but after the game many who were on hand might have been talking about what took place in the stands, not on the field. The Ports went with a political theme for their promotion yesterday, asking for fan participation in the process. The first 1,000 in attendance received the following seat cushion.



Jeremy Neisser, director of marketing for the Ports, explains how to use the cushion.

If you like Romney, then put your buns on Obama by putting the president’s side of the cushion upward. If you like Obama, then sit on Mitt. “It is kind of a universal symbol: you just sit on something you don’t want.”

While Neisser mentioned some tickets were sold just because of the promotion there were atleast a few who weren’t in favor of the meshing of baseball and politics.

“Politics doesn’t belong in baseball. It is like crying in baseball. It is not a part of it,” said Rainey Smith, 44, of Tracy. “I think it is a terrible promotion.”

“I’ll tell them I don’t want one,” Linda Heisig said. “I just don’t see the reason for this. It is a bad fit for baseball. I think it’s disrespectful to either person, to either candidate.”

The Ports also asked fans to participate via Twitter, encouraging them to use #SitOnMitt or #BunsOnObama hashtags as a way of choosing a side. Here are some of the tweets using the Mitt and Obama tags.

Other Stockton Ports promotions on the schedule for this season include: the giveaway of 5 iPads, Doug Wilhoit garden gnome giveaway night, and a bobblehead giveaway of current Oakland A’s second baseman Jemile Weeks.

LTSB reminds you Election Day is November 6.


Photo via official scorer for the Stockton Ports

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