Cole Hamels suspended 5 games for throwing at Bryce Harper

05/07/2012 at 2:42 pm By

In Sunday evening’s game between the Phillies and Nationals, Philadelphia pitcher Cole Hamels drilled Washington rookie phenom Bryce Harper with a pitch in Harper’s first at-bat, seemingly to send a message to the young star.

Hamels later confirmed that he intentionally threw at Harper, saying he did it to welcome Harper to the big leagues. Sure it was. Harper got his revenge on Hamels later in the inning by stealing home plate while also collecting two hits off of Hamels.

The league office wasn’t too fond of Hamel’s welcoming gift and has suspended the Phillies left-hander five games, effectively immediately. One can wonder if Hamels would have gotten suspended if he hadn’t so readily admitted to deliberately throwing at Harper.

While Hamels honesty about plunking Harper may be viewed as refreshing to some, it obviously wasn’t wise to admit to it. That’s called they’re called “unwritten rules”; you aren’t supposed to talk about them, right?

Although we’ve never quite heard of drilling someone in the back with a 93-MPH fastball as rolling out the red carpet…


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