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Video: Stan Van Gundy confirms that Dwight Howard has requested he be fired

04/05/2012 at 9:20 am By

There has been a black cloud draped over the 2011-2012 Orlando Magic this season, most of which can be attributed to the indeciveness of all-star Dwight Howard.

With Howard waffling back on forth on whether he wanted to sign an extension with the team or hit free agency, the overall temperament and play of the Magic has been inconsistent throughout the season. Many have speculated if head coach Stan Van Gundy was the main reason for Howard’s skepticism about staying with Orlando.

Thursday, Van Gundy confirmed those rumors, candidly informing reporters that Howard has indeed requested his dismissal:

The temperature of Van Gundy’s head coaching seat in Orlando just shot up from hot to equator levels. Howard denying the claim is expected given his wavering this season, but Van Gundy himself confirming Howard’s request for his firing tells all we need to know about who is really running things in Orlando. And it doesn’t appear to be GM Otis Smith.

The Magic are currently 32-22 and sitting in the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference playoff standings. Expect to see a new face on the sidelines coaching the Magic next season, if not sooner.

H/T to our friends at BSO for the video


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  1. Christopher Mitchell

    on 04/05/2012 - Reply

    Really!! why would anybody want this baby making, whiney, disloyal-ass cancer in there locker room? They would be better off doing like the Nuggets and trading him for multiple picks and players,I hope the Magic don’t sell there souls to SATAN!! cause thats exactly what he is. He has the whole franchise under hostage because of his demands, then stands there in front of the mic and says he didn’t request this and that, knowing darn well he did! COWARD! I’m so sick of these teams bowing down to these so-called super stars,hell if he really wanted to help, give back some of the money on his contract or soon to be BLOATED contract, so they can sign better players! lol!! I’m sure thats out the question, Oh well, give him 100 milli, fire SVG, sign more mediocre players and watch him get half of Florida pregnent lmao!! 2 sad! Then opt out 2014!!!!!

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