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A video tour of the University of Oregon football team’s locker room

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There’ isn’t much about the Oregon Ducks football team that’s conventional. Head coach Chip Kelly’s up-tempo, high paced offense isn’t. Neither are the cards they’ve been known to use to signal in plays. Of course there are the almost countless combinations of uniforms the Ducks can come out of the tunnel at Autzen Stadium in. So it’s not completely surprising that Oregon has a pretty elaborate locker room that’s dedicated to booster Phil Knight, the co-founder and chairman of Nike.

Each individual player’s locker includes the latest in technology, according to the official Oregon Ducks channel on YouTube. Locker stalls are metal, with vents above each player’s equipment to prevent that nasty smell of body odor on shoulder pads from stinking up the facility.

In addition, the lighting system has three options: Lounge, Huddle and Game Day. The locker room has sensors that match the lighting in Autzen Stadium, so that on game day the players don’t have to change their eyes to adjust to the light, they’re ready to go.


Chip Kelly really doesn’t need to do much of a sales pitch when he visits recruits anymore. All he needs to do is mention that in the three years he’s been head coach the Ducks have won 85% of their games, appeared in a BCS championship game, won a Rose Bowl, and were victorious in the inaugural Pac-12 championship game. Then he can show this video and a photo album of Oregon’s uniforms, with this one being on the first page. Welcome to Eugene.


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