Randy Moss impresses, reportedly runs a 4.39 at Saints workout

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The comeback of veteran WR Randy Moss has the blogs, social networks, and sports sites buzzing. It was as if all football fans alike could come together and marvel at the lightening speed and magnificent circus catches of Moss at the height of his career.

On Tuesday Moss began his path back to the NFL with a workout with the New Orleans Saints. He was reported to “look like the old Moss,” and even to have run a 4.39-4.40 40 yard dash time. He reportedly has workouts scheduled with several other teams next week, but is a favorite right now for the Saints.

Randy Moss had his best career with the New England Patriots in 2007 where he had a single season record of 23 touchdowns. He helped lead the Patriots to an undefeated regular season that year with his 98 receptions for 1,493 yards. Not too bad, right?

Unfortunately 2010 was a completely different year for Moss who was traded from the Patriots to his former team, the Minnesota Vikings. It appeared as if the only time his name was news worthy that year was when he was being traded, again, and again, and again. The last team he was with that season was the Tennessee Titans where he had a dismal 6 catches for 80 yards, and no TDs, with season totals of 28 receptions for 393 yards and 5 TDs between his three 2010 stops.

It is hard for me to hide my skepticism about a 35 year old WR coming off of
a yearlong break from football, who also spent his last season in the NFL with three different teams. But as we know on any given Sunday, anything can happen. One thing is certain, with Randy Moss back on the circuit we can prepare to be entertained by him on the field, off the field, or both. And I’m ok with that.

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