Peyton Hillis Fires 3rd Agent in a year

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Cleveland Browns Running Back and Madden Cover Boy, Peyton Hillis has fired agent, Kennard McGuire. For Hillis, this is the third agent he has parted ways with in a year.

Hillis rose to become the Madden Cover boy after a breakout year with the Browns in 2010 (1,177 yards, 11 TDs). Hillis came to Cleveland via a trade for Brady Quinn (great move Denver). After an outstanding 2010 campaign and a Madden Cover on his resume, Hillis entered the 2011 season with high expectations.

The season took some very strange and rather silly turns, however after contract negotiations with the Browns soured. Now fired agent, Kennard McGuire, advised Hillis to sit out a September game against the Dolphins while battling strep throat.

Hillis went on to miss several subsequent games in what appeared to be a “pissing contest” with Head Coach Pat Shurmur and/or the Browns Front Office.

It’s hard to say whether these shenanigans were due to Hillis, his agent, or the dysfunctional Browns. My guess is a combination of all of the above. But it’s pretty clear that he needs to get better representation. As much as he annoys me personally, he’s one of the best in the business so maybe he needs to give Drew Rosenhaus a call.



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