Celtics “Aggressively” shopping Rondo

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ESPN’s Chris Broussard has reported this Thursday morning that the Boston Celtics are “Aggressively” trying to tradeĀ Rajon Rondo. That is, of course, according to Broussard’s infamous “Sources”.

There have already been a few Rondo related trade rumors in the first half of the lockout shortened NBA season, but according to this report, the Celtics are tired of Rondo’s “High-Maintenance” personality which has clashed with Doc Rivers.

It had been assumed that the Celtics would build around Rondo after 2 of the Big 3’s contracts expired after the end of this season and they would look to trade Pierce to allow more flexibility in rebuilding. WRONG!

Rondo, for years, has been one of the league’s better point guards. He’s lightning quick, has great top end speed and change of direction, handles & passes well and is an incredible defender. The knock to this point on Rondo has been his shooting ability, or lack thereof. Even with defenses sagging off of him, however, he’s been a great player so far in his young career.

Playing with 3 Hall of Famers didn’t do anything to hurt, and maybe Doc and the Boston Front Office see more weakness in his game than is visible to the average fan.

It had previously been reported that the Celtics had discussions with the Warriors in December for a trade involving Stephen Curry, but those “sources” indicate that Golden State backed out of the talks.

The obvious landing spot in my opinion, would be the Lakers. The big hype surrounding the Lakers to this point has been involving Dwight Howard, but incorrectly as far as I’m concerned. By all accounts, Jim Buss who is essentially running the day to day operations in L.A. is absolutely enamored with Andrew Bynum (Partially because he’s the one who pushed to draft him). With that in mind, it seems unlikely they would benefit greatly by having two starting Centers.

The biggest liability other than lacking another athletic wing is the point guard position. Derek Fisher has been great for L.A. over the years, and his leadership and on the floor coaching might be great. But he can’t move anymore. You’d have to think that “High-Maintenance” personality issues with Rondo would be immediately resolved by Kobe.

Who knows if anything will come of it, but Rondo running the point at Staples could be very interesting come May and June.

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