LeBron James wants his steaks cut up for him (and appletini’s, too)

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LeBron James has been a popular topic of conversation in the Cleveland area for the past decade plus. You used to hear stories about the middle schooler from Akron who could jump out of the gym, then we heard about and “witnessed” a high school baller dominate the best basketball teams across the state and eventually the nation. When it became clear that Bron Bron would be foregoing his collegiate eligibility, Cavaliers fans immediately began discussing the possibilities of the hometown phenom playing on the shores of Lake Erie.

For the next 7 years, fans across Cleveland, Ohio, and the world couldn’t get enough of LeBron and thanks to ESPN, no one could go anywhere or watch
anything on TV without seeing or hearing about LeBron James. Eventually, the blind love in Cleveland for the hometown kid turned to blind (and partially deserved) hate and you couldn’t escape the conversation debating “The Decision” and the “Big 3”.

While some of the conversation, especially leading up to, including, and after “The Decision” bordered on the absurd largely thanks to ESPN and their counterparts, most of the banter was at least interesting and relevant. Well… so much for that.

The big story of the week here in Cleveland centers around a conversation a
Cleveland Blogger (ClevelandFrowns.com) had with a former server at downtown Cleveland steakhouse. I know, riveting… Normally, I would just chalk it up to the obsessive and semi-moronic fan base, but given some of the national attention this has gotten I guess people are dying to hear about even the slightest detail when it comes to some of today’s athletes. Especially LeBron.

LeBron has had a reputation for years for being a horrible tipper. Most people,
when told about a “horrible tipper” might think of someone who tips 10% or even 15%. LeBron is said to have left a $10 tip on an $800 bill at this steakhouse during his time in Cleveland. That’s right… one of the richest athletes today, the kid who received nearly $100M from Nike before stepping foot on an NBA floor, is said to have left a 1.25% tip and this is unfortunately the rule, not the exception.

If bad tipping doesn’t have you on the edge of your seat by now, just be sure to
hang on! As the riveting account from Cleveland Frowns reports, this blogger had a dinner meeting at another area restaurant and it was brought to his attention by his server, that she used to work at the aforementioned steakhouse and routinely served his “Highness”. She purportedly corroborated the stories of the awful tips and also added stories about the “King” causing several members of the wait staff to quit their job.

LeBron allegedly not only tipped like a pauper, but he stayed until 3 or 4 in the
morning with his entourage and forced the restaurant and its workers to stay open for him. All for a whopping 1.25% tip. Allegedly.

According to Vince Grzegorek (The man who was with the Cleveland Frowns blogger at this dinner meeting), the wait staff at the steakhouse would excitedly take advantage of the restaurant’s gratuity policy for large parties. As I’m sure you’re aware, restaurants will typically automatically add in a standard gratuity (15-20%) to your bill for what they consider large parties. LeBron was reportedly none too happy with this policy and would routinely dispute this practice by telling the restaurant that some of the people joining him weren’t “with him” so he could avoid the automatic gratuity.

I know, blah blah, bad tipper… get to the juicy stuff. Ok, the real “meat” of the story surrounds LeBron’s typical meal orders. According to the story, LeBron would usually order a steak, well done (I’m not a steak snob and even I know that a well done steak is a ruined steak). But even more, LeBron would require that the steak be cut up for him in the kitchen. You can insert your own jokes about him being a child or about his mother not being around to cut up his steak when he was growing up; I’ll leave all that alone…. This story is allegedly also corroborated as another server at another restaurant indicated that LeBron once sent his spaghetti back to be cut up for him. C’mon, take it easy on the guy… “Sketti” is hard to eat!

So what would the “King” use to wash down that burned, crispy, dried out steak that was cut up for him with such love by the wait staff that earned a whopping $10 for 5 hours of work?

Appletinis of course.

Yep… the world seems to be enamored for some reason by LeBron James’ dining habits. I guess everyone is bored with what LeBron is doing on the floor these days. Nevermind that he might be having the best season and playing the best overall basketball of his career. Nevermind that the Heat look like what they should have been last year and as long as Mr. Appletini doesn’t stand in the corner and piss down his leg in the 4th quarter come June, they will likely run away with the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Who cares about all that? Lets see if we can get his former maid on the line to see what kind of laundry detergent or bubble bath the “King” uses…. Hell, I live about a mile from his house in Akron. Maybe I can see if I can get an exclusive with his landscaper!

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