Kobe says Thunder “Can’t sit at his lunch table”

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You may have already seen the little altercation last night between Kobe Bryant and James Harden. Given the game last night, Harden’s jawing, and the series two years ago when OKC took the Lakers to within a last second Pau Gasol tip in of a game 7, I’d say the Thunder have made it crystal clear that they are not afraid of the Lakers.

And while the Thunder are certainly younger, appear to be more talented overall, and are having a much better season, don’t tell that to Kobe Bryant.

When asked about the semi-Altercation with Harden, Bryant responded as only he can by saying, “Maybe one day they’ll be able to sit at my lunch table. Right now we’re at two different lunch tables, man. The conversation’s pretty brief.”

While Kobe may be correct in a historical sense, unless the man he “despises”, Jim Buss, makes some rather drastic moves before the quickly approaching trade deadline, the Thunder may be eating Kobe’s lunch come May and June. That is, of course, IF the Lakers make it that far…






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  1. Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets

    on 04/03/2012 - Reply

    Why should be the Thunders be afraid of the Lakers? They shouldn’t be. In order for you to win you should not be afraid of your opponent and be proud and claim that you will win. Bryant might be a popular and good player but he is not the only player in the NBA. No one should be afraid of him in court.

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