Video: “Soft” Pau Gasol pats Chris Paul on the head as Lakers beat Clippers

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This has been the buzz of the internet Thursday morning so we might as well give my our take on it as well… Wednesday night the Lakers defeated the Clippers in the Hallway Series 96-91, avenging a loss to the Clippers the a couple weeks prior and snapping a three-game losing streak. In the final seconds of the game Lakers forward Pau Gasol and Clippers point guard Chris Paul got into a little trash-talking incident, which ended with Gasol patting CP3 on the top of his head (similar to how adults do to small children). Check out the video:

In the video you can see Chris Paul saying “he’s soft” to Kobe Bryant in reference to Gasol, which all Lakers fans know all to well to be true. CP3, one of the league’s feistiest players, took offense to Gasol’s gesture and spoke about it after the game:

In years prior to this season the so-called rivalry between L.A.’s professional hoops teams has been virtually non-existent but with the heightened intensity of the two games so far this season that mood seems to have changed. The Clippers and Lakers play the tie-breaker of the season series April 4th.

Fact of the matter is yes, the Clippers are improved but until they win on a consistent basis they will always be looked at as the secondary NBA team in Los Angeles, for good reason. The Lakers win year after year. The history and legacy the Lakers have compiled in Los Angeles over the past three decades has become a staple of Los Angeles culture. And this is coming from a long-time Clippers (and equally Lakers) fan. Have to give credit where it’s due.


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