Video: Detroit Pistons Locker Room Gets Luxury Upgrade

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Last year American billionaire Tom Gores became owner of the Detroit Pistons and with it came the challenge of putting a team on the floor that can compete and win. The Pistons are 3-9 after today’s victory over the Charlotte Bobcats so the winning part hasn’t happened quite as often as he or Pistons fans would like but the team has a couple of decent young pieces in rookie Brandon Knight and center Greg Monroe. One other thing the franchise has is alot of money at its disposal.

$27 million over the next 4 years will be spent on veteran forward Tayshaun Prince. Rodney Stuckey will get roughly $25 million over the next 3 years. If Detroit chooses it could use money to try and lure a potential free agent to the Palace. If that’s the plan an upgrade to the locker room facilities could be a selling point. The Pistons’ official YouTube channel has a video tour of the new layout.


Next on the agenda is the roster.


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