Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler Wins Miss America Pageant; Wants Aaron Rodgers To Call Her?

01/15/2012 at 5:54 pm By


2011 was a pretty good year for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He and the Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to win Super Bowl XLV in February. Rodgers followed that up by leading Green Bay to a 15-1 record this past regular season and putting up video game type stats that should give him a legitimate chance to win the MVP award. Rodgers had a QB rating of 122.5, 4,643 passing yards, 48 total touchdowns (3 rushing), and completed 68.3% of his passes. He surely gained more than a few new fans over the course of the year. Newly crowned Miss America Laura Kaeppeler appears to be one of Rodgers’ bigger fans.

Kaeppeler introduced herself to pageant viewers by referencing her home state’s Green Bay Packers, the NFL’s defending Super Bowl champions.

“If you’re watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me,” she said, referring to the football team’s superstar quarterback.

Not everything is perfect for Rodgers though. Green Bay lost to the New York Giants 37-20 in their divisional playoff matchup today, bringing their season to an end much earlier than Rodgers and Packers fans were hoping after a great regular season. Away from the field Aaron Rodgers continues to win.


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16 Comments so far

  1. Fred

    on 01/16/2012 - Reply

    Rodgers probably won’t be calling. Rumor on the street he likes guys

    • dave

      on 01/16/2012 - Reply

      well if Rodgers doesn’t want her….i’ll sure munch that camel toe….whoaa check out the white bikini pic!

      • Andrea

        on 01/19/2012 - Reply

        Gee, Dave, she’s going to just come running to you…the pathetic male who has to verbally demean a woman to prove his manhood.

      • Pooter

        on 03/26/2012 - Reply

        That sure is one healthy knuckle right there!

    • Andrea

      on 01/19/2012 - Reply

      And, Fred, does it make you feel so much better to be the “cool guy” to spread a rumor and make yourself the center of drivel? Sad….

  2. ThePowerWire

    on 01/16/2012 - Reply

    This ought to cheer him up after getting bumped out of the playoffs in the first round. Linked at http://www.thepowerwire.com

  3. Bill Baker

    on 01/16/2012 - Reply

    Rogers just lost a big game, now a person with the morals of an alley cat it seems wants him to call her……for what, is she the type to bring home to meet Mama……..don’t think so.
    Too bad these type people have so little class….sure they are trained to say they want to save the world and help the needy in their robot like mentality…….Miss America my big old bu………..

  4. Andrea

    on 01/19/2012 - Reply

    What’s wrong with you petty prats?? What would be wrong with the two of them having lunch, a date, or something like that, if they are so inclined? Bill B., where does this robot mentality statement come from? I think you need to crawl back under that rock you’ve been inhabiting. Leave her alone. She appears to be a very talented, beautiful young lady. I think it’s rather refreshing that she would have the apparent sense of humor to say something to him in front of the world.

  5. Rachel

    on 01/20/2012 - Reply

    It’s unladylike and improper to chase a gentleman and belittle yourself to beg him to call her…Leave the men something…let them do the chasing. It’s in their natural instinct. He probably wont because he understands this type of woman. All the things mama warned you about. Used to getting what she wants, demanding, spoiled, high maintenance…etc…

  6. Samoyed

    on 02/16/2012 - Reply

    Real classy.

  7. Rick Samara

    on 03/09/2012 - Reply

    Well, it looks like they met at the Bucks game earlier this weed! I like it! Aaron needs a wife; and they look like a very appealing couple.

    I wonder if they are going to start the dating thing?

    Go A-Rog!

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