Eating Chia Seeds The Reason For Ray Rice’s Good Season?

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Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice had the best regular season of his 4-year career in 2011. He set career highs in rushing yards (1.364), rushing touchdowns (12), receiving yards (704),  and receiving touchdowns (3). He had 6 100-yard rushing games including a 204-yard effort at Cleveland and 191 against Cincinnati in week 17. Last summer Rice signed an endorsement deal with RipFire to promote their XCELERATE supplement but there may have been a more natural ingredient to his success.

There is one form of superfuel Rice has quietly begun mixing into his diet: spoonfuls of an obscure Bolivian-grown seed that, he believes, replenishes his energy and helps keep his digestive system humming.

These seeds, which are known as Salvia hispanica, or chia seeds, have a long history that dates back to the ancient Aztecs. Today, however, they’re better known as the main ingredient that gives Chia Pet models like Chia Pet Elvis, Chia Shrek and Chia Obama their thickets of lustrous green mossy hair.

Chia was a staple of the diet of the Aztecs, who are thought to be some of the fiercest warriors of all time. According to the 2009 book “Born To Run,” they were a preferred food of the Tarahumara Indians, who are able to run hundreds of miles barefoot without resting or eating all that much. “There’s a history behind it,” Rice said.

Rice has apparently recruited Ray Lewis to jump on the bandwagon, he adds them to his morning shakes.

Rice and Lewis will probably need to have big games on their respective sides of the ball if the Ravens are going to knock off the Patriots tomorrow in the AFC Championship game and advance to the Super Bowl. Rice doesn’t need to run hundreds of miles like the Tarahumara Indians but enough to control the clock and keep Tom Brady and New England’s offense off the field would surely be appreciated by Lewis and the defense.

Should the Ravens come out on top there may be a few more members of the team eating chia seeds soon. If you want to give them a try here is the brand Rice reportedly uses.




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