Evander Holyfield & Ray J Team Up For Boxing/Entertainment Venture

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Boxing’s popularity has been on the decline lately. The reason(s) why are up for debate. Some feel like the big name fighters aren’t facing big name opponents enough, leading to too many one-sided fights. There have been a few controversial decisions recently that probably doesn’t help matters either. I’ve heard more than a few people say they aren’t willing to pay the Pay-Per-View prices to watch fights. The rise in popularity of MMA could have as much to do with it as anything. Whatever the reason boxing needs a spark. One could be on the way and Evander Holyfield and Ray J are among those behind it.

Rich Orosco and Ray Doustdar, the two General Managers of the Los Angeles Matadors have teamed up alongside recent partnership of Everi Exposure Entertainment, Evander Holyfield, and Ray J in an effort to “bring entertainment back to boxing and increase boxing’s fan base.”

“Everi Exposure Entertainment is ready to take boxing events to the next level,” noted Sydney MacDonald. “And we think we can do that starting with the Los Angeles Matadors and the World Series of Boxing.”

Speaking with Boxing Insider earlier this week, 5-time Heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield shared his excitement with the partnership. “Well, actually this partnership is gonna expose boxing to more people. You know, boxing is declining right now, and I think going towards music and all that—it’ll kind of give people a little more entertaining, and it can be a good situation there that works.”

Interesting. I guess it’s worth a shot and if Evander Holyfield thinks it’ll be good for the sport I’ll take his word for it until I see and judge it for myself. Ray J seems to be all in too.


Let’s rock!

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