Cris Collinsworth Voted By NFL Players As Worst Commentator

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The folks at Sports Illustrated have conducted some interesting polls this year. We’ve brought you a few of them. A.J. Pierzynski was voted by players as MLB’s meanest player. NFL players (not surprisingly) chose James Harrison as the NFL’s meanest player. NFL players were again the subjects as 237 were asked to vote for their least favorite commentator. The results were given in the form of a slide show, but here are the results.

  1. Cris Collinsworth
  2. Chris Berman
  3. Warren Sapp
  4. Troy Aikman
  5. Ron Jaworski
  6. Jon Gruden
  7. Matt Millen
  8. Skip Bayless
  9. Mike Mayock
  10. Terry Bradshaw
  11. Trent Dilfer
  12. Joe Buck
  13. Phil Simms
  14. Joe Theismann
  15. Michael Irvin

And the players have spoken. Chris Berman’s nicknames for players probably get him on the list. Or maybe it’s his ties. This Facebook group thinks Troy Aikman should be #1 not #4. Jon Gruden’s use of “this guy” can get a bit annoying at times so I can see how he ended up on the list. Fang’s Bites gave Matt Millen their award for college football’s Worst Game or Studio Analyst. NFL players don’t think he’s that good either. Skip Bayless…well you can click here to get the general opinion on him. This could be why Terry Bradshaw made the list. Joe Buck would have been #1 if Sports Illustrated asked this guy. Joe Theismann does have a tendency to ramble at times. To be honest I’m generally more distracted by Michael Irvin’s suits to pay attention to anything he’s saying.

If I was going to pick one person to take off the list Mike Mayock would get my vote. I think he and Brad Nessler are one of the better combos at the moment and Mayock is an upgrade in my eyes over other announcers NFL Network has given us over the years like Bryant Gumbel, Matt Millen, and Joe Theismann.



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  1. David

    on 09/19/2013 - Reply

    Matt Mayock is, hands down, the worst NFL commentator. Collinsworth is good…Aikman is better than Matt Mayock. Mayock wishes he could call a game like Aikman. Mayock is just dreadful!!!

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