Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman Thinks AJ Green Is Overrated

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Cincinnati Bengals rookie wide receiver A.J. Green‘s NFL career is off to a solid start with 33 catches, 516 yards, and 5 TD’s through 7 games. He’s displayed good chemistry with fellow rookie Andy Dalton and the two of them are a big reason why Cincinnati is 5-2. This past weekend Green had 4 catches for 63 yards and a TD in the Bengals’ 34-12 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle’s rookie cornerback Richard Sherman spent time matched up against Green and intercepted a pass intended for him in the third quarter. After the game Sherman spoke with 950 KJR-AM about facing this year’s 4th overall draft choice.

“I would say he’s probably one of the most overrated receivers out there,” Sherman said of Green. “He wasn’t anything special. Dalton was a good quarterback. He makes good decisions, but A.J. Green is just a lot of noise talking and bad routes.”

Well alright then. Sherman was selected in the 5th round so I’m sure he had a bit of extra motivation to show what he can do against the first receiver taken in his draft class. He made some good plays and head coach Pete Carroll gave him props on his performance, but calling Green overrated and a bad route runner seems a bit much to me. I say we ask Earl Thomas whether or not Green runs bad routes.


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