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Los That Links: Top Stories From Other Sites We Love

11/09/2011 at 6:11 am By

Although we try to keep our readers covered with lots of the latest current sports topics and headlines, the LTSBlog crew also follows a lot of other sports/entertainment blogs, sites, etc in our leisure. Here are a few good reads from some of our favorite sites:

Whether or not the Ravens and Redskins have a rivalry is up for debate. According to former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott players from both teams used to fight over strippers. They may not have much of a rivalry on the field, but it sounds like they do in the strip club. Stiletto Jill

Next time you get a chance to watch a University of Washington football game be on the lookout for this signal by quarterback Keith Price. Interesting. Larry Brown Sports

This Penn State situation could get really ugly and the end of one of college football’s greatest coaches might be ending sooner rather than later. Nittany Lions fans will probably have a look on their face similar to this updated Penn State logo when the dust settles. Fanattic Network

A poll was taken of NFL players to find out who they thought was the most overrated player in the league. Here’s how the voting went. In Flex We Trust

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will do battle this weekend in Vegas. Here are some photos of the arrivals of the two fighters. Black Sports Online

On November 7, 1991 Magic Johnson let the world know he had HIV. Most hoops fans old enough to remember that day still know what they were doing when they found out. But what if that moment never happened? Ed The Sports Fan

Take a look at this guy setting a world record by surfing a 90-foot wave. Cosby Sweaters

When Notre Dame takes on Maryland this weekend there’s a good chance the uniforms on display will be more of a talking point after the game than the actual play on the field. We know the Terps will come out wearing something “special”. The Irish will be wearing these helmets that resemble something you might find in a box of Lucky Charms. Busted Coverage


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