John Elway Thinks Tebow Needs To Complete Better Than 50% Of His Passes For Broncos To Win Consistently

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In today’s edition of “Let’s All Talk About Tim Tebow”, we have some comments from Broncos Vice President and NFL HOFer John Elway regarding the heavily scrutinized, 2nd year project quarterback. During his weekly radio show, Elway touches on Tebow‘s accuracy (or lack thereof)and  Tebow’s running style among other things, via the Denver Post:

“I think (Tebow’s completion percentage) has to get higher,” Elway said. “I don’t think you can win consistently throwing 50 percent. (But) Tim made some really good throws yesterday.

“It really comes down to consistency,” Elway added. “Bottom line is, when guys are open, you’ve got to be consistent, and you’ve got to hit them. I think Tim’s throwing the ball better.”

Still, Elway said later, “Tim made some improvement yesterday, and made some really good throws.”

Elway is merely stating the obvious, as Tebow has yet to complete better than 50% of his passes in any game this season, and his completion percentage is a lowly 46.4%. One positive from Tebow’s performance in the Broncos 38-24 victory over the Raiders was his 118 rushing yards on 12 carries using the read-option play, which Elway also discussed:

“It’s really pretty much been in there week-in and week-out, we really just did a better job of execution,” Elway said. “Everybody’s getting more comfortable with it.

“The play’s been in,” he added. “I know it looked like it was a new play because we had so much success with it.”

Lastly, Elway commented on the amount of hits Tebow takes weekly, and actually had a pretty fair and unbiased assessment despite being a former QB himself:

“I’m not sure he’s going to get as much protection as those other guys,” Elway added. “I think it comes with the style of play.”

Elway is spot on in all of his comments on Tebow. Tim did indeed have some impressive throws and flashes of brilliance running the football Sunday vs. the Raiders but the Broncos will be hard pressed to win many games with Tebow only completing 45% of his passes. Eventually NFL defenses will stack the box against the Broncos and blitz often, forcing Tebow to make quick decisions and daring him to beat them down the field.

Tebow did a nice job of moving the football against the reeling Oakland Raiders but Denver will need to see more balance if they plan to contend in the improving AFC West. Maybe they can incorporate bubble screens and more slants into their gameplan to help Tebow get comfortable throwing the football again, as those were plays that were staples of the offense Tebow ran in his spectacular days playing for Florida U.


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