81-Year-Old Woman Finds Drunk Chargers Fan On Her Couch After Loss To Raiders

11/11/2011 at 10:38 am By

Last night the San Diego Chargers suffered a loss to heated rival the Oakland Raiders, so as you can imagine some fans may have elected to drown their sorrows in alcohol. But somehow, winding up on a random elderly woman’s couch may be taking it to the extreme. PFT has details:

Officer Frank Cali of the San Diego Police Department tells theĀ San Diego Union-Tribune that an 81-year-old woman reported finding the Chargers fan passed out on her couch around 7:20 a.m. ET.

The man was taken into custody and charged with being drunk in public.

The fan better be thankful the woman wasn’t violent and elected to call the authorities instead of taking matters into her own hands. Not only did fans get crazy drunk last night they also got violent, as a Raiders fans was allegedly stabbed by a Chargers fan in the parking lot.

Oakland, San Diego and the NFL may need to look into increased security or playing their games against each other at a remote location for the safety of the fans. This is getting a bit out of hand.

Chargers fans, please do better.


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9 Comments so far

  1. ron

    on 11/11/2011 - Reply

    are you sure it wasn’t philip rivers,most over-rated player in the nfl

  2. sjn

    on 11/11/2011 - Reply

    How did the fan get on the ladies couch if the door was locked???

  3. eticket

    on 11/12/2011 - Reply

    The NFL scheduling dept has some cupability these game between the Chargers & the Raiders should nto be played @ night. For some reason the insist on playing them either Thurs, Sun or MOnday night most seasons. Yes a huge rivalry but much blood has been shed after the games.

  4. Frank

    on 11/12/2011 - Reply

    …Oakland, San Diego and the NFL may need to look into increased security or playing their games at a remote location for the safety of the fans…

    Yeah? How about Folsom or San Quinten?

    • Leo

      on 11/13/2011 - Reply

      Its San Quintin Moron..

      • Al Franken

        on 12/09/2011 - Reply

        It’s “It’s San Quintin, Moron…”, Moron.

        Please, in the future, whenever correcting someone’s grammar followed by an insult, please check your own punctuation first.

  5. dman

    on 11/12/2011 - Reply

    tell a.j. smith (general manager of the chargers) to get his own couch. never should have let schottie or brees or ladanian go. we were on the cusp, but the idiot couldn’t let anyone else have an opinion. great move getting norv. are you happy now?

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